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Superwound Country Gold

Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

If you want high-quality strings, incorporating some of the most innovative design and manufacturing technology available anywhere, then you need look no further than James How Industries, makers of Superwound. During their career they've established themselves firmly among the top echelons with a range of designs that cater for just about every need or taste.

For this review we tried out a set of Superwound's Country Gold phosphor-bronze strings wresting Katy 88's Manson Sandpiper away from her to be our guinea-pig guitar.

Country Golds are available in gauges from 009 to 013 - our set ran from 010 through 014, 020, 028, 040 and 050 for the bottom E; quite light for acoustic guitar, and it would be interesting we thought, to see how they sounded on the naturally bright (mahogany) Manson.

The Country Gold range incorporates Superwound's system of terminating the winding an inch or two short of the ball-end, so that only the core of the string passes over the bridge saddle. The result of this, Superwound say, is to improve sustain and resonance through increased string vibration... and our instant reaction to the newly-strung Sandpiper was that they're right - with a vengeance! After taking only a couple of minutes to settle in (itself a definite plus point) those Country Golds rang and sang superbly, showing off the guitar"s capabilities to the full. Even with a light gauge, there was all the power in their sound that anyone could ask for; and as for sustain - Sustain? Hang on a few minutes, will you, while we wait for that last note to die away...! They also feel very good; nice and flexible to the fingers.

There's no doubt in our minds that you'd have to go a long way to beat these Country Golds, both for quality and for the sound they produce. Yes, they are a little on the pricey side - but we reckon that, whatever make of guitar you own, they'll persuade it to give of its very best. We haven't managed to clap our set out yet either, despite some marathon playing sessions, and that for a musician who has to watch the pennies is a very big bonus indeed. Good strings? No - great strings by any standard you care to name!

RRP £4.88 per set (string also available individually)

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In Tune - Apr 1985

Donated by: Gordon Reid


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