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Roland Newslink — Frankfurt Report

The Boss Connection

Article from International Musician & Recording World, April 1985

At Frankfurt 1985 Boss offered four further MIDI units designed to expand the potential of the interface and make it compatible with more instruments and equipment.

MI-10, the GATE way to MIDI

Many people saw MIDI as making certain products redundant but Roland, who championed a standard CV/Gate interface just as they champion MIDI, have provided a bridge between the two systems.

The MI-10 MIDI to CV Interface will control up to four CV/Gate synthesizers such as the SH-101, Roland 100M modular synthesizers, and older Rolands, Moogs, and Sequential Circuits designs. Each output channel has pitch control voltage, gate signal, dynamics control voltage outputs. A Gate indicator on each channel confirms that a signal is flowing. The MI-10 also has CV outputs for bender, modulation, aftertouch and volume.

Five operation modes are provided. Mono mode assigns each output to a separate MIDI channel so that a synthesizer can be used on different channels to control four CV/Gate units.

2-Voice mode requires the MIDI sending unit to be in poly mode and enables it to play two notes simultaneously — either through two separate CV/Gate mono synths or through a single two-channel device. 3-Voice and 4-Voice modes send outputs for three and four note operation respectively and in Special mode the highest note is assigned to output 1, the lowest note to output 2, and the latest note to output three.

In addition to MIDI In and Thru Jacks there is a MIDI OUT jack. When information beyond the converting capacity of the unit is fed in from the source, it is automatically assigned to this jack which will drive a further MIDI unit, or another MI-10. In this way the interfaces can be 'stacked'.

The MI-10 has three assign modes and a three-octave transpose function, and can be used with any CV/Gate equipment, including lighting controllers.

MI-40 MIDI Input Selector
MI-50 MIDI Output Selector

The more MIDI devices that are used, the more troublesome the connections can become. The MI-50 and MI-40 were developed to solve this problem.

The MI-50 MIDI Output Selector has one MIDI In and Five MIDI Thru jacks. A Connection Number Select switch is provided for each MIDI Thru jack sends the MIDI data received by the MIDI In jack. An LED on each Connector Number Select switch shows on and off of the switch. The MIDI Indicator lights when the MIDI In jack is receiving the MIDI data.

The MI-40 MIDI Input Selector has five MIDI In and one MIDI Thru jacks. The MIDI Thru jack sends the MIDI data received by the selected MIDI In jack. The selection is achieved using five Connector Number Select switches. And LED on each switch confirms the selection.

As with the Micro-Rack series units, two MI-50's, two MI-40's, or both units can be mounted on a 19-inch EIA rack using the optional RAD-10 rack-mount adapter.

MI-30 Midi Channel Filter/Converter

The MI-30 MIDI Channel Filter/Converter accepts only the MIDI data transmitted on the MIDI channel determined by the Filter Channel Select switch. It then sends that data on the MIDI channel determined by the Converter Channel Select switch.

MIDI data other than the key information can be eliminated using the Key Event On/Off switch. The MIDI Indicator lights when the MIDI data is accepted.

As with the Micro-Rack series units, two MI-30's can be mounted on a 19-inch EIA rack using the optional RAD-10 rackmount adapter.

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Publisher: International Musician & Recording World - Cover Publications Ltd, Northern & Shell Ltd.

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International Musician - Apr 1985

Donated & scanned by: Mike Gorman

Roland Newslink — Frankfurt Report


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