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The Jay Arthur Column

Article from Making Music, June 1987

toss pot

"As we sifted through these shards from the shattered history of a guitar pioneer who left his brief cosmic mark in the sands of time, the shadowy figure from the grave took on a larger-than-real presence."
— Tribute to Randy Rhoads by Noe Goldwasser (editor), US mag Guitar World

"The word Artiste(s) shall include the singular the plural the whole or part either femenine(sic) or masculine or any combination upon whose behalf the artiste(s) purport to contract."
— booking agency contract, submitted by Peter R. Cole, a kindly reader

"Digital Audio Tape is being offered a red carpet welcome by the international music industry - but record companies worldwide are being warned that the technology could kill them if it is not properly controlled."
lead news story, Music Week

"Molten guitars twist, distort, rephrase, and shield reality and then, in the miniscule moments of silence and serenity, reveal naked corpses and bruised senses."
— Ted Mico, That Petrol Emotion LP review, Melody Maker, submitted by readist Paul Laidlaw

"Beethoven (1770-1827)... appeared at a critical time in history."
— David Jones, classical feature, Guitarist

"Like bebop throwing curve-balls out of swing's easy populism, or George Clinton's over-coded psychedelic alternatives to beat-pop's tyranny of reason."
— Mark Sinker, live review, NME

"Gilbert is that most contemporary figure, an artist perpetually in search of an aesthetic."
— Paul Oldfield on Wire's Bruce Gilbert, Melody Maker

"Enter the wonderful world of MIDI by connecting the magical Shadow GTM6... Sound like an orchestra, duo, trio, or group with music played or composed by yourself... It's wonderful, it's fascinating, it's magic! The 'Shadow GTM6' puts you on top... Come and hear the 16 features demonstrated..."
— ad for Ivor Mairants Musicentre demo, Guitar International

"... a passable version of Peter Gabriel's 'Bilko'..."
— Rock Scene, Cambridge Weekly News

"It appears that Suzuki have bought a sizeable steak in the Japanese Nippon-Hammond manufacturing facility."
— news story, Music Business

"... specially ruggedized..."
— American power amp ad, Sound Engineer

"... the impeccable chink of rhythmical icebergs doused in cascading verbal brandy through which you drift, demented."
— Mick Mercer, Mel & Kim LP review, Melody Maker

"... the actual construction is faultless. The neck-to-body join... is perfectly adequate, although the fit is a bit sloppy and the neck does creak when pulled sideways."
— Dave Burrluck, guitar review. International Musician

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Making Music - Jun 1987



Feature by Jay Arthur

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