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The Men Behind THE MIX

Music Maker Publications presents:
a Hill-Day Production in association with Police 5

Cambridgeshire, England. A desperate gang of villains has gone into hiding after a major heist. Under assumed names, they have infiltrated a publishing house and are editing an apparently normal music magazine. They are patient. They are ruthless. They are...

The Men Behind THE MIX

A series in 12 parts (annually) - Subtitles on Ceefax p. 115

Dan "The Guvnor" Goldstein (Editor)

Not since Don Corleone has one man wielded such influence in the criminal fraternity. Flirting with showbiz and royalty, his savoir faire hides a dark underworld of corruption and violence. Challengers are swept aside, hard men made to weep. One man, commenting lightheartedly on Goldstein's connections in both the publishing and music industries, nicknamed him 'Tiny Roland'. He is now dead. They call him simply, The Guvnor. He may be in it up to his neck, but he's never out of his depth.

Phil "Beaujolais" Ward
(Deputy Editor)

Charming his way in and out of trouble since Harrow, Ward is the scourge of the gullible - the one apple that went bad in a rich barrel of aristocratic privilege. Rumour, gossip and scandal follow his every step through the upper echelons of the recording business, interviewing the rich and famous with one eye on an exclusive and the other glancing back over his shoulder. In the world of the con-man, you can't even trust yourself.

Chris "Fingers" Kempster
(Assistant Editor)

Following the introduction of stringent EC regulations on pickpocketting, "Fingers" Kempster went legit. But not for long. A moment's temptation outside a strip club in Soho, and he was in someone else's pocket in more ways than one - he should have known better than to mess with The Guvnor. It was join the gang or never play the piano again. He still plays.

"Barking" Bob Dormon
(Technical Editor)

They don't see him coming. They don't see him leave. They don't even know where he goes. His cover can never be blown. Working professionally as a recording studio engineer, he ghosts through the inner sanctums of the biz untraced. But he leaves a calling card in the shape of blind terror so you don't forget. Those who have survived speak hoarsely of a sidekick hound from hell that would swallow you whole on a deft signal from Dormon. Myth or terrible reality? No one dare find out.

Magnus "The Prof" Schofield
(Production Editor)

A studious air. Inscrutable genius. Shirts by Laura Ashley. A child star, he once played the really clever swot who kept quoting things from encyclopaedias in The Double Deckers. Production Editor, indeed, is the perfect front for such a meticulous criminal mind. Governments mourn the day he went bad, and sold nuclear secrets to the Welsh. There is more than one kind of brain drain.

Ian "Boy" Masterson
(Club/Lighting Editor)

Posing as an undergraduate at Cambridge University, Masterson's research is anything but academic. Nightclubs, gambling dens, casinos, camp sequencer-based pop duos - they're all his. OK, he's young and sometimes his nerve goes. He once saw Neil Tennant in a hotel car park and had to be heavily sedated. But he's going places. Ask his mother.

Nigel "The Nark" Lord
(Re:Mix Editor)

The North - a frozen, ndustrial gangland where the slightest altercation can lead to injury and a full-scale argument means certain death. Here, a secret, push-button studio, where CDs are produced for the gang (month in month out, is where Lord controls a sinister migraine tablet cartel. It's mucky, it's brassy, and it means The Guvnor and The Nark are running the whole damn coilntry.

In Ely, no one can hear you scream

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The Mix - Copyright: Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


The Mix - Jul 1994

Donated by: Colin Potter

Coverdisc: Mike Gorman


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