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The Shape Of Things To Come

A quick gaze at the crystal ball reveals a new MIDI mixer from Simmons, a digital reverb/effects processor from AKG, a MIDI-CV module from Tantek, and plenty more...



From Austrian microphone manufacturers AKG, comes the new ADR 68K Digital Reverb/Effects processor. Designed in conjunction with Ursa Major, this unit offers high quality digital reverb with extensive parameter manipulation. At the heart of the ADR 68K is a powerful 68000 series microprocessor as used in such computers as the Apple Macintosh and Atari ST range.

The system comes in two parts: the brain, which is a 2U rack-mounting module housing the processor and power supply, and the handy desktop remote control (pictured). A large LCD screen clearly displays parameter information as well as the contents of its built-in Help page which can deal with those moments of panic.

Programs in software version 1.0 include complex plates, room, vocal chamber, concert hall, split program and sample. The slider controls offer full real-time manipulation of reverb decay time, low freq point, high freq point, size of space, pre-delay, depth, diffusion, early reflection etc.

In sample mode, the ADR 68K provides either 8 seconds of continuous sampling at 15kHz bandwidth or four 2 second samples. Each sample may be triggered independently or simultaneously via a gate pulse or MIDI and played over a one octave range. Samples may be edited, looped and processed further in their own reverb environment. This allows any two samples to have a different acoustic space simultaneously.

The MIDI implementation allows you to control many parameters externally (as on the Lexicon PCM70) so that, for example, you could control the decay time of the reverb by the modulation wheel on a synthesizer.

50 programs can be stored internally and a further 50 on a removable data cartridge which plugs into the 2U rack-mount.

Although the ADR 68K comes with a number of factory programs, software development continues and AKG hope to release further programs in the near future. These will include multi-effects such as compression, flanging, chorus and phasing, parametric EQ, auto-panning, 32 second sampling and much more.

Being a software-based system, AKG say the ADR 68K will stay abreast of the times and fulfill the demanding role of a high quality reverb/effects system for the professional studio.

Price £5,500 ex VAT. (Contact Details)



Tantek have added a new module to their popular Tanrak effects system in the shape of the T48 MIDIverter. This is not a sound effect, but a MIDI-to-CV converter which allows your MIDI synth to control the pitch of an analogue synthesizer via its CV and gate inputs.

Two independent CV outputs are provided with variable scaling and velocity controls. The MIDIverter also features an 'auto MIDI channel search' function (sounds interesting), continuous or velocity gating, high or last note mono priority, plus MIDI In and Thru sockets.

When used in conjunction with the Tantek Fader/Panner module, it permits a MIDI keyboard to control such things as the stereo positioning of a sound and effects mixing, where the depth of an effect is proportional to the key velocity.

Price £169.95 inc VAT. (Contact Details)


Just arrived in this country and distributed by Don Larking Audio Sales, is the Tube-tech PE 1A Program Equalizer from Lydkraft of Denmark.

If you thought this unit looks like a remnant from an early episode of 'Dr Who', you wouldn't in fact be far from the truth. It is actually a re-creation of a famous equalizer from the sixties (much sought-after by studio engineers in the know) and uses good-old hot valve vacuum tube technology, just like it used to be!

The PE 1A offers control of both low and high frequency sound with boost and attenuation of signal, frequency selection and bandwidth. This sort of equalizer is often well respected by purists of the recording industry for its warm and harmonious sound quality.

Price around £900 ex VAT. (Contact Details)



From amplifier and stage equipment manufacturers HH Electronics, comes a new range of combos in the guise of the '50 Series'. Within the range, the K50 looks to be of particular interest to gigging keyboard players. This unit closely follows the design of the successful '100 Series' but this time around incorporates a 50 watt amp and a specially selected 12" dual cone speaker. The K50 also features two independent channels, each with two inputs, gain, bass, treble and switchable spring reverb, plus useful headphone and line output sockets.

Price £245.99 inc VAT. (Contact Details)



The new Technics SL-P1200 is a reference CD player of robust construction featuring an extensive control section. It has been designed with the professional user in mind and not only incorporates high performance amplifiers and digital-to-analogue conversion, but also an exclusive 'search dial' which is aimed at DJ use. This control allows the unit to be used in a similar way to a conventional turntable where the disc can be manually cued-up by spinning it backwards and forwards. Other features include programmable track play order and many more track selection options.

Price £799.95. (Contact Details)



Manufactured from alloy tube, the new Gig Stands from John Hornby Skewes offer a lightweight but strong stand assembly for live or studio use.

Two versions are available: the RSI 10U (pictured) is a 12U space rack-mount stand for housing effects or rack-mounted synthesizer expander units, while the KS348 is a three-tier keyboard stand. An optional KA10 microphone boom arm is also available which fits either stand.

Price RSI 10U £119, KS348 £139 and KA10 £17.95 inc VAT. (Contact Details)



Available very soon from Simmons is the SPM 8:2 full function, fully programmable 8 into 2 MIDI mixer.

The slimline unit occupies 1U of rack space and has been designed for multiple keyboard or electronic drum set-ups. Sporting 50 on-board programmable memories, the SPM 8-2 features eight input channels each with high/low EQ cut/boost, and midrange parametric, two effects sends, programmable effects returns, an LFO with threshold, depth and speed controls, pan and level controls, and a programmable fade feature which allows subtle changes between mixes. Each memory patch holds all the mixer parameters and these may be stepped through via MIDI program change numbers.

Also from Simmons comes the MTX9. This is a three channel drum expander module for use with their low-cost SDS9 electronic kit and features 36 digitally sampled drum and percussion voices, programmable software echo, control of pitch, dynamics, decay and level, all of which may be stored in any of the 20 user memories.

Price SPM 8-2 £599 inc VAT. MTX9 £T.B.A. (Contact Details)



The AT831a is the latest addition to the '800 Series' range of microphones from Audio Technica. Features of the AT831a include a unidirectional (cardioid) pick-up pattern rather than the more common omnidirectional pattern found on other miniature tie-clip mics. The AT831a also comes with an attachment which enables the micto be used with an acoustic guitar or other instrument and has a handy adjustment to fine tune the 'proximity effect' to achieve the best sound balance.

Price ET.B.A. (Contact Details)

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