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Sound On Sound - November 1986


The Shape Of Things To Come

A quick gaze at the crystal ball reveals a new MIDI mixer from Simmons, a digital reverb/effects processor from AKG, a MIDI-CV module from Tantek, and plenty more...

Deeply Compressed

Drawmer LX20 expander/compressor

Drawmer noise gates and compressors have become the undisputed industry standard in the field of sound recording, and their latest unit looks set to make it a hat-trick. The dual channel LX20 offers comprehensive compression/expansion facilities at a budget price. Engineer Gareth Stuart assesses its performance.

Japanese New Age Music

Seigen Ono

At 28 Seigen Ono is one of Japan's leading producer/engineers whose recording credits include working for David Sylvian, Robert Fripp, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Lounge Lizards. He is also the creator of some of the highest quality instrumental music yet to be classified under the New Age music banner. Mark Prendergast discovers what he and his music are all about.

Roland S-10 Sampling Keyboard

'Is this the one we have all been waiting for?' asks Julian Colbeck. Slotting neatly into the vacant sub-£1000 price bracket, Roland's new keyboard is a fast and easy to use sampler with plenty of attractive qualities. But how does it fare against the competition? Read on to find out...

Making The Most Of Your Mirage Part 2

Back with another fascinating instalment of hints and tips, Tony Hastings offers further guidance to those Ensoniq Mirage owners wishing to develop their sampling skills.

Paris Music Fair
Show Report

Our roving reporter Mark Jenkins takes a look off the beaten track at some of the more interesting French equipment shown at last month's Paris Music Fair.

Frankie Goes To Liverpool

Frankie Goes To Hollywood

The superbly produced music of Frankie Goes To Hollywood embodies the whole spirit and character of modern hi-tech recording methods. With the release of their long-awaited second album 'Liverpool', it seemed an opportune moment for Paul Gilby to discover if there is more to the band than Trevor Horn's production techniques.

Sennheiser Microphones

The new range of condenser mics from this respected German firm utilise frequency modulation techniques to achieve a wide, flat response. Gareth Stuart checks them out.

Elka EK22/EK44 Synthesizers

Italian-designed keyboards have received mixed success over the years. Elka's old Rhapsody string synth was a popular instrument in the seventies but their main polysynth, the Synthex, failed to set the world alight. That may well be about to change with the release of their impressive 9-voice, multi-timbral, DX7-soundalike, the EK44, and the 6-voice analogue EK22. Or is it? Mark Jenkins offers his views.

MEL FX1001 multi-effects

Group six versatile effects units together in a 2U rack case, add MIDI control, a 3.5-inch disk drive with onboard microprocessor, and what have you got? Ian Gilby provides the answer...

Mark of the Unicorn Performer

Software for Apple Macintosh

Our resident Mac user Martin Russ steps his way enthusiastically through two of the best written software packages for the Apple Macintosh computer [in this part] - 'Performer', a comprehensive multitrack sequencing program.

Mark of the Unicorn Professional Composer

Software for Apple Macintosh

Our resident Mac user Martin Russ steps his way enthusiastically through two of the best written software packages for the Apple Macintosh computer [in this part] - 'Professional Composer', a music transcription program.

Triangle Studio

Birmingham's Triangle Media & Arts Centre houses what is probably the largest 8-track recording facility in the country. It also runs some interesting extra-curricula activities in the form of a Rock Recording course. We asked the man in charge, Bruce Hart, to tell us more about it.

Natural music

Is it possible to create music using only the natural sounds of the Earth? Robin Lumley says yes, having done just that for a forthcoming BBC documentary series with the aid of a Prophet 2000 sampler and some open-minded studio personnel. Read his fascinating tale.

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