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The Shape of Things to Come

More news of forthcoming products to make you drool and tempt you to dig even deeper into your pockets.


A new range of mics from Audix is claimed to be the first major innovation in microphone technology for over a decade. The VLM (Very Low Mass) range offers increased diaphragm sensitivity, better reaction time, wider frequency response and very low handling noise. In addition, higher sound levels (up to 140dB) may be handled without distortion. The range consists of the OM1, OM2, UD300, UD360, UD50 and UD50D mics, which cover most applications between them.

Contact Rose Morris, (Contact Details).


A new range of compact modular mixing consoles will soon be available from Allen & Heath Brenell. The Saber consoles, which owe something to AHB's Sigma designs, are to be based around three frame size options with notably compact desk layout. Input and monitor mutes may be controlled and recorded via MIDI, all channels feature electronically balanced mic, line and tape inputs, and the four-band EQ incorporates two overlapping swept high and low mid-ranges.

Also new is the SRC range of mixers, based on the SR consoles, and offering modularity, 100mm Alps faders, individual phantom power switches and balanced outputs for busses 1-4. The original SR range itself has been updated, with input pad switches now operating on both mic and line inputs to give maximum flexibility on gain matching.

Contact AHB, (Contact Details).


Studio Plus 24 is a new MIDI sequencing system available from Electromusic Research for the Acorn Archimedes computer. The program uses groups of 24 tracks at a time, either in parallel or in sequence, and allows editing functions to be performed during recording or playback. Besides supporting MIDI (with an appropriate interface), the program is also configured to support MINI, a MIDI networking interface using a 2MHz transmission rate as opposed to MIDI's 31.25kHz.

Contact Electromusic Research, (Contact Details).


BBC computer owners may be interested in three new programs from Mid Sussex Software. All three are aimed at the educational market and help you to understand various aspects of music.

Recomposer allows you to investigate what makes a good melody. Four staves of music are displayed, you can alter notes and chords and hear them played back instantly. Pitch Trainer is exactly that - you simply guess the note the computer plays.

Finally, Rhythm Tutor is an invaluable training aid for those who wish to grasp a better understanding of the principles of rhythm. All programs are available on either 40 or 80-track disk.

Price £12.50 each.

Contact Mid Sussex Software, (Contact Details).


Those who like their master keyboard to feel as close as possible to a grand piano may like to give the GZ1000 Performance Keyboard a try. Featuring a hammer action and 88-note wooden keyboard, the feel of the action may be adjusted both globally and for each key via user adjustment weights on the percussive hammers. Two MIDI In and eight Out/Thru ports are provided, along with four MIDI assignable foot pedal inputs and three MIDI assignable foot switch inputs. The GZ1000 is the first mother keyboard to include an onboard computer MIDI control system and disk storage of thousands of System Exclusive sound and MIDI control set-ups. Price £2595.

Contact MCMXCIX, (Contact Details).


Various products have recently been announced by E-mu Systems. These include a rackmounted version of the Emulator III; the new HD300, a rugged 300 megabyte rack-mounted hard disk storage system for the EIII; and finally, a bunch of new sound banks including stereo steel drums, stereo French horn, vintage synths and many more.

Contact E-mu Systems UK, (Contact Details).


Not a lot of people know this, but TDK sell nearly four cassettes to every one sold by any other manufacturer. In order to ensure that everybody keeps up the TDK habit, they have introduced two more Normal Position tapes, increased the range of tape lengths available, and redesigned their entire range from the humble D90 upwards. The new tapes are the AR and ARX, available in 54, 80 and 100 minute formats as well as the regular lengths. SA tapes are now also to be offered in 54 and 80 minute lengths.

Contact TDK UK Ltd, (Contact Details).


One effects unit that caused quite a stir when launched at American trade shows recently is Digitech's DSP128, now available in the UK through John Hornby Skewes & Co Ltd.

The unit provides user memory locations for 128 programs, will produce three of its effects (reverb, chorus, delay, flanging, EQ) simultaneously, and allows control of program operating parameters via MIDI continuous controllers such as modulation and pitch bend wheels. Stereo audio inputs and outputs are also provided, and the S/N ratio is quoted as 90dB.

Price £469 inc VAT.

Contact JHS & Co Ltd, (Contact Details).


If you're in the market for a synchroniser, a new unit from J.L Cooper Electronics may prove to be just what you need, for less than you thought you'd have to pay.

Following in the footsteps of the PPS1 comes the PPS100. This is both a SMPTE Event Generator and SMPTE/MIDI Synchroniser, converting SMPTE to MIDI Sync with Song Position Pointers. It also generates MIDI Time Code, DIN Sync, Direct Time Lock and PPQN Sync outputs, and any number of tempo changes may be programmed. Particularly useful is the Event Generator, which can transmit any MIDI commands at any user programmable time.

Contact Evenlode Soundworks, (Contact Details).


Time Machine have launched a new range of audio signal processor units. The range includes the Activator audio enhancer, a Dual Noise Gate/Fader/Panner, a Compressor/Expander, and the Silencer, a single-ended noise reduction system. All products are housed in 19" rack mounted cases and each is available ready-built at £199+VAT or as a kit for £130+VAT.

Contact Time Machine Sound Engineering, (Contact Details).


As the boys at Nomad say, Reddi-Mix could be the concrete solution to your keyboard mixing problems. After you recover from the pun you will find a straightforward 8 into 2 channel rack-mounting mixer designed for live use by keyboard players. Each channel includes controls for input gain, high and low EQ, effects send and pan, all mixed down to a stereo master output to feed your PA. Perhaps the most surprising feature of this unit is its price!

Price £175 inc VAT.

Contact Nomad, (Contact Details).


Pro-Co Sound, famous for their RAT Overdrive pedal, now have UK distribution for their two ranges of audio interface boxes.

The Monoface range comprises seven compact interfaces for studio use: two DI boxes, 2-way and 3-way microphone splitters, a mic combiner, and 4-way and 6-way headphone splitters. Prices range from £40 to £85.

The six models in the Multiface range are multi-channel versions of the same sort of units, along with balancing/isolation and speaker switcher boxes.

Contact Music Lab, (Contact Details).


The F500SR and S600SR are two new speaker systems from Toa, delivering 180 and 300 watts of power respectively. Both incorporate a woofer and Constant Directivity (CD) horn with a high-efficiency compression driver. The horn design ensures a uniform sound dispersion pattern, 60 degrees horizontal and 40 degrees vertical, within its specified frequency range.

Contact Toa Electronics Ltd, (Contact Details).


Publishing quality score printing from 9 or 24-pin dot matrix printers is the promise of Music Printer Plus, a PC-compatible notation driven sequencer from Temporal Acuity Products. Operation of the program makes note entry and editing as similar as possible to writing directly on to manuscript paper, with the cursor as a pen. TAP are at present looking for a UK distribution outlet.

Contact Temporal Acuity Products, (Contact Details).

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