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Warren Cann's Electro-Drum Column (Part 8)

Part 8

This month our electro-drum column continues with more rhythms provided by consultant drummer Warren Cann of Ultravox. In addition this month we feature rhythm matrices to help you to programme your drum machine more easily.


42 Bar 2.
42 Bar 1.

This rhythm uses patterns 40 and 39. The syncopation makes it interesting because the flick comes in the first bar. At the end of the two bar measure it's straight, whereas you are expecting another flick.


43 Bars 1 and 2.

Another simple rhythm but one that can be very useful as a building block for more complicated rhythms.


44 Bar 1, bar 2 as 43 bar 1.

This is another two-measure pattern made by taking patterns 40 and 43.


45 Bar 4. Bars 1-3 as 42 bar 1.

You can construct a longer pattern over four bars using pattern 40 for the first three bars and pattern 43 for the last. It adds tension to the rhythm.


A further refinement of this pattern can be achieved by adding one extra 32nd bass drum beat to the last bar. This gives a lot more snap to the end of the pattern.


46 Bar 2.
46 Bar 1.

Here the snare has been dropped on the second beat of bar two to give a much funkier rhythm.


47 Bars 1 and 2.

A change of pace with the snare playing on every beat. The bass drum is sparse but the constant snare evens out the bar producing a Motown feel.

Series - "Warren Cann's Electro-Drum Column"

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Warren Cann's Electro-Drum Column

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Feature by Warren Cann

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