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A User's Guide to Sample CDs

Feature | Topic: Sampling | Sound On Sound, Mar 1990

Not all sampler owners have access to every instrument they might wish to sample, hence the appearance of Sample CDs containing all manner of digitally recorded sounds. But how useful are they? Are they value for money? Keyboardist Dave Stewart recently spent many hours sorting the wheat from the chaff. Here are his findings.

A Vocal Chord - Part 2

Feature Series | Topic: Sampling | Music Technology, Jun 1988

In the second part of his piece on sampling the human voice, Tom McLaughlin discusses making up vocal multisamples and how to solve the problems you can expect to encounter.

A Vocal Chord - Part 1

Feature Series | Topic: Sampling | Music Technology, May 1988

As you've probably already got your sampler playing drums, horns and strings, getting it to sing to you may sound deceptively easy. Tom McLaughlin explains there may be more to sampling the human voice than you'd heard.

Alternative Strings

Feature | Topic: Sampling | Music Technology, Apr 1988

Stuck for a good string sound or one you haven't used a hundred times before? Tom McLaughlin explains how an old guitar, a violin bow and a little ingenuity can work wonders.

An Emulator for £10

Feature | Topic: Electronics / Build, Maintenance / Repair / Modification, Sampling | Electronics & Music Maker, Jun 1985

Well, not quite, but a hardware add-on for the original Powertran DDL that brings it up to scratch in the contemporary world of sound-sampling. Circuit designer Patrick Shipsey reveals all.

Art of Glass

Feature | Topic: Sampling | Music Technology, Oct 1988

If you're short of a new source of samples you could do worse than to turn to the glass (not the bottle). Tom McLaughlin explains how a wine glass can provide a wide variety of unusual tone colours.

Bass, How Low Can You Go?

Feature | Topic: Sampling | Music Technology, Jul 1988

It may be at the bottom of the mix, but it's often the heart of the song: the bass. Tom McLaughlin offers some sound advice on sampling the electric bass guitar.

Bring the Noise

Feature | Topic: Microphones, Recording, Sampling | Music Technology, Feb 1989

If you intend to make samples of acoustic instruments or events, you're going to need a microphone - but which one? David Bradwell checks the various types and their uses.

Copycat Crimes

Feature | Topic: Copyright, Sampling | Music Technology, Sep 1988

Sampling and the law: where do you stand when you plug your record deck or CD player into your sampler? David Bradwell investigates the legal position and the attitudes of the music industry.

Copyrights & Wrongs - Part 2

Feature Series | Topic: Copyright, Sampling | Music Technology, Nov 1992

Ignore them at your peril!

Creative Vocal Sampling

Feature | Topic: Sampling | Sound On Sound, May 1988
Using Samplers for Vocals

With a creative mind and a decent digital sampler you can work wonders for your music. Brian Howarth provides a sampling strategy for constructing and manipulating vocal arrangements.

Criminal Record? - Part 1

Feature Series | Topic: Sampling | Music Technology, Mar 1992
Sample CDs

First they were sampling off other peoples' records, now they're selling records to sample off. Tim Goodyer listens while Simon Harris, Pascal Gabriel, Norman Cook, Ed Stratton and Coldcut put the case for sampling CDs.

Digital Mixing Magic

Feature | Topic: Mixing, Sampling | Sound On Sound, Aug 1990
With Sampling Keyboards

Vocal line out of tune? Lead guitarist fluffed his solo again? Craig Anderton reveals some ways of using a sampler to fix these, and other problems, in the mix.

Drum Fun

Feature | Topic: Sampling | Sound On Sound, Jun 1991

Even the biggest sample library never seems to have quite enough drum sounds. The solution? Roll your own. Craig Anderton passes on some hot hints and tips on how to get the best possible drum sounds out of your sampler.

Dumping Grounds - Part 2

Feature Series | Topic: MIDI, Sampling | Music Technology, Jun 1987

The industrious Chris Meyer again, with the latest news on MIDI Sample Dump Standard. What exactly is the value of transferring a sample from one machine to another?

Dumping Grounds - Part 1

Feature Series | Topic: MIDI, Sampling | Music Technology, Apr 1987

The start of another series, in which Chris Meyer reveals just how useful the new MIDI Sample Dump Standard can be in everyday applications.

Every Little Bit

Feature | Topic: Digital Audio, Sampling | Music Technology, Nov 1987

Sound quality has long been a grey area in the world of sampling. Chris Meyer finds out it takes more than "bits" to make a sampler sound good.

Fairlight Explained - Part 8

Feature Series | Topic: Sampling, Synthesis & Sound Design | Electronics & Music Maker, May 1985

Another world first for E&MM: Jim Grant takes us through the creation of a sound without using the CMI's sampling facility.

Fix it in the Mix

Feature | Topic: Sampling | Sound On Sound, Jul 1987
With A Sampling Keyboard

Sampling keyboards offer far more creative scope for sound manipulation than most people give them credit for and they can be a real life-saver during studio mixdowns. Craig Anderton reveals some modern day production tips that will allow you to put your sampler to good use.

Hands On

Feature | Topic: Sampling, Synthesis & Sound Design | Sound On Sound, Jul 1991
Emu Emax II

The first in an occasional series in which David Mellor looks at well-established and respected pieces of musical and audio equipment, and tells you what you need to know to start making music with them.

Hands On: Akai S1000 Sampler

Feature | Topic: Sampling | Sound On Sound, Feb 1992

There's an S1000 in every studio — almost. David Mellor presents an introduction to this popular sampler.

Hands On: Roland S750

Feature | Topic: Sampling | Sound On Sound, Sep 1992

David Mellor throws away the Roland S750 manual and gets down to some practical advice for novice users.

Hear You 'Lator

Feature | Topic: Sampling | One Two Testing, Dec 1983
Sampling The Emulator

Share reality with Culture Club producer Steve Levine, the Attractions' Steve Nieve, and keyboard whizz Dave Stewart.

Hey, Mr Tambourine Man

Feature | Topic: Drum Programming, Sampling | Music Technology, Jun 1991

Such a simple thing, a tambourine line, yet it's one of the lines drum machines can't handle. The Sample Workshop's Tom McLaughlin explains how to make convincing samples.

I Want Your Samples

Feature | Topic: MIDI, Sampling | Electronics & Music Maker, Aug 1986

As sound-sampling becomes accepted as a technique, what will musicians do with their machines after the novelty has worn off? Chris Meyer takes a sideways look.



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