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Electronics & Music Maker - May 1984


May MIDI Madness

Roland Juno 106 Polysynth

The most recent polysynth from the Roland stable replaces the long-serving Juno 6 and 60, and adds MIDI compatibility, more program memories, and polyphonic portamento. Geoff Twigg reports.

Roland JSQ-60 DCB Digital Keyboard Recorder

E&MM contributor of old, Vince S. Hill, on Roland's DCB-standard digital keyboard recorder.

Casio CT310 Electronic Keyboard

A larger model from Casio, the small keyboard people, reviewed by Dan Goldstein.

M&A Electronic Kit

An all-analogue electronic drum kit with built-in sequencer. Made in Britain by Magic Music: tested by Paul White.

MPC Sync Track

Paul White (again) on the latest Cambridgeshire black box - this one syncs drum machines and sequencers to tape.

Dynacord PDD14

Programmable Digital Delay

First of several new products from Dynacord is this rack-mounting digital delay line. Paul White managed to find time to review it.

Points on the Curve

Wang Chung

An interview with this innovative three-piece on the making of their new album, Points On The Curve, the result of a year's work in the studio with Fairlight, PPG et al.

PPG Wave 2.3 and Waveterm

A special report on the latest versions of these successful German instruments. Review by David Ellis.

Article Group:
MIDI Supplement - Part One

An Electronics & Music Maker Special Supplement


Geoff Twigg on how MIDI came about, what it does, and how it does it.

The MIDI 1.0 Specification

The MIDI 1.0 specification, reprinted in full.

MIDI Theory and Practice

We all know MIDI works fine on paper. Vince S. Hill has found the reality to be rather more troublesome, and relates some of his interconnection experiences.

MIDI Product Guide

Comprehensive model-by-model listing of all available synths, drum machines, sequencers and accessories featuring the MIDI standard.

MIDI by Numbers

An interview with, the BPI's Producer of the Year. | Steve Levine

Culture Club producer Steve Levine discusses his attitudes to modern music-making, and how the new interface makes his life easier.

This article has no OCR bodytext.On Record
Music Review

Electro-Acoustic Music at Huddersfield

The latest activities at one of the UK's lesser-known electro-acoustic music studios, put into perspective by its mentor, Phil Ellis.


Readers send in their own favourite synth sounds and details of how to generate them. This month sees, among other things, our first patch for a guitar synth, the Roland GR300.

Understanding the DX7 Part 2

The second part of Jay Chapman's guided tour through the Yamaha DX labyrinth, with an in-depth analysis of one of the factory-programmed voices.

Modular Synthesis Part 5

Synthetic Percussion Sounds

Steve Howell finishes off percussion sounds and how to go about synthesising them.

The Poor Man's Guide to Clap Sounds

Want to simulate clap effects without spending a small fortune? Paul White shows you how.

Article Group:
Computer Musician


The reasoning behind the new-look CM. Your guide, David Ellis.


Music add-ons for home micros.

Questionnaire Results Part 2

Readers' replies to the second half of our survey, analysed by David Ellis.

The Programmable Digital Sound Generator Part 1

The first in a major series of articles describing the design, construction and applications of the Programmable Digital Sound Generator, a music hardware add-on for the BBC Model B. Introduction by Alan Boothman.

The String Damper

Designer Paul Williams outlines the construction of a simple project to simulate damped-string effects on both guitars and synthesisers. A complete kit of parts is available direct from E&MM.

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