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Electronics & Music Maker - February 1984

Pressing On

Muted Response

Daniel Miller

Daniel Miller, head of Mute records, has taken the label to a very successful conclusion with some massive UK hits. He tells of the joys and despair of the British record industry, and his work with electronic music.

Mark Stanway

Keyboards with Magnum and Phil Lynott | Mark Stanway

Keyboard player with Magnum, Mark Stanway has also worked with Phil Lynott. Here he talks about writing, recording and performing with one of Britain's brightest rock hopes.

Boss DE-200 Digital Delay

A look at the latest in digital delay - that can be triggered by rhythm machine.

Frankfurt Musik Messe 1984
Show Report

The largest event of its type in Europe, Frankfurt is the showcase for all that is new and innovative. This three page preview looks at some of the products that will be there.

Roland Cube

Chorus 60

One of the most versatile combo amps available, the Chorus 60 comes under scrutiny.

Washburn Bantam Bass

The newest headless bass examined.

Crisis? What Crisis?

China Crisis

From humble beginnings CC have grown into a major force in 80s music. Here, they explain their approach to writing and performing, and their rise to chart success.

Carlsbro Marlin 6-150 PA Amplifier

Latest arrival from the Carlsbro stable, a general purpose mixer amp, with six channels.

Yamaha PS-55 Keyboard

The advance of the personal keyboard continues with this exciting new model.

Eko EM12 Keyboard

A new personal keyboard with 'stereo symphonic' voices.

Dr Böhm Digital Drums

A new sampled drum machine, available as a kit or finished item.

Roland Drumatix Modifications

A step by step guide to giving your Roland TR606 separate outputs for each percussion voice.

Korg Poly 800 Synthesiser

Korgs latest fully programmable polyphonic synthesiser, with digital sequencer, and MIDI.

Siel PX Electronic Piano

A ten preset voice electronic piano with touch sensitive keyboard and separate bass section.

Wizard Of Oz

Don Airey

Keyboard player to Rainbow, Black Sabbath and now Ozzy Osbourne, Don talks to Tim Oakes about his keyboards, how to Bark At The Moon, and life on the road with a werewolf...

Modular Synthesis Part 2

Brass Sounds

Creating and playing brass sounds.

Article Group:
Computer Musician


Studio Scene

University of Surrey Electro-Acoustic Music Studio

A look at the Surrey Sound electronic and computer music studio, scene of the Tonmeister degree course.

Spotlight on Mainframe


One of the first and principal exponents of computer music interviewed.

CAMI Part 3

Scaling Heights On The BBC Micro

Concert Reviews
Music Review

Lyceum Ballroom, London | John Foxx

John Foxx at the Lyceum.

Voltage-Controlled Clock for Analogue Sequencers

Build this VC clock to sync modular-analogue sequencers to monophonic or polyphonic synths and drum-machines.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Carlsbro Competition

Win a Cobra 90 Keyboard Combo in this months great free competition.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Cassette Review
Music Review


Mind Over Music

We welcome Ian Cross to E&MM, writing about the human perception of sound.

Amdek Hand Clapper Kit

Clap Hands... here comes Roland... build this new, exciting percussion device.

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