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Electronics & Music Maker - October 1984

Portrait of the Artist as a Reviewer

An overview of reviews.

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A selection of opinions and queries from the E&MM postbag.

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Upcoming products, books, records and events.

Yamaha PS6100

Personal Keyboard

The world's most advanced portable domestic keyboard is just about to hit the UK. Dan Goldstein finds out what FM voices, PCM drums and MIDI add up to.


Electronic Percussion System

Marketed in the US as E-Drums, these Swedish-built percussion units combine high quality digital samples with immense constructional sturdiness. Dan Goldstein again.

Yamaha RX11 & RX15

Programmable Rhythm Machines

Yamaha's first-ever self-contained programmable drum machines have PCM-encoded voices and MIDI. Kendall Wrightson gives his verdict.

360 Systems Digital Keyboard

First reviewed in prototype form over a year ago, the 360 has been the subject of some significant hardware modifications since then, and Paul White reports on a more recent production sample.

Tama Techstar Electronic Drums

Tama are the first acoustic percussion manufacturer to enter the electronic arena: Paul White tested the first example in the country to see if the Japanese could make something more than a Simmons copy.


Start of a new series in which readers are invited to submit 'extended letters' on an electronic music topic that's of interest to them.

Korg DDM220

Programmable Percussion Machine

The Latin percussion variant of Korg's new budget drum machine duo comes under the scrutiny of Trish McGrath. Is its beauty more than skin deep?

Frazer Wyatt Speakers

Almost every keyboard exhibitor at the British Music Fair was using these British-designed and built speakers to play their products through. Paul White tries to find out why.

Roland Mother Keyboard System

A new prestige keyboard line-up that fuses traditional modular synthesis concepts with the latest interface technology. The complete system surveyed by Dan Goldstein.

Love's Great Adventure


Seven years old and still going strong, Ultravox discuss writing, recording and performing with Dan Goldstein. They also explain why they've got four OSCars...

Studio 3D

We highlight three recording studios that place the emphasis on music hardware rather than expensive recording equipment: in order of price, East London Community Studio, Hollow Sun, and Computer Music Studios.

Powertran MCS1 Part 1

Playing with Time

MCS stands for MIDI Controlled Sampler, E&MM's most exciting build-it-yourself project yet. Tim Orr gets the ball rolling with a discussion of the effects this Powertran unit can be used to produce.

E&MM Analogue Electronic Drum System

Reader Marek Bokowietz has constructed a complete electronic drum kit from E&MM's own percussion modules, the Syntom, Synbal and Synclap.


Readers send in details of their own synth sounds and how to play them.

Understanding the DX7 Part 7

The end of our quest to make Yamaha's revolutionary DX synths easier to comprehend and program. Jay Chapman performs the closing ceremony.

Modular Synthesis Part 10

Using Sequencers with Modular Systems

Steve Howell looks at different methods of triggering modular sequencers from click-tracks on tape.

Article Group:
Computer Musician

The Programmable Digital Sound Generator Part 4

Part 4: Further Hardware Details

The resumption of our series describing the design of Clef Products' new computer music system for the BBC micro, the PDSG. Designer Alan Boothman takes up the story.

Yamaha CX5M

Music Computer and Software

1984's most eagerly-awaited electronic music product is finally making its way into dealers' showrooms. David Ellis has been taking a look at the micro itself, Yamaha's exclusive FM sound chip, the controlling keyboard and the first batch of software.

The Fairlight Explained Part 3

Part three, and Jim Grant outlines the basics of sound sampling.

OMDAC Update 2

Two alternative hardware modifications for adapting our music control micro-peripheral for use with the BBC B.

Greengate DS3

Sound Sampling System for Apple II/IIe

Mainframe's sound-sampling add-on for the Apple is now available to the general public. David Ellis puts the system through its paces.


October sees the official launch of E&MM's own music software division. We tell you what's available now, and a little of what you can expect from us in the future.

Electronics & Music Maker - Copyright: Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


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