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Home & Studio Recording - December 1984


This article has no OCR bodytext.Feedback

Answers to your written problems.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Monitor

Recording course up dates... and more.

This article has no OCR bodytext.What's New

New products from the recording world.

Using Microphones

Buying Microphones

Useful advice on how to go about the business of buying microphones.

Gating Techniques

'Noise Gates' are now an inherent part of modern recording practice. We explain their function and provide some practical applications.

Home Studio Recordist

Geoff Mitcham's account of how he set up his own mobile recording studio.

HSR Autofader Update Part 2

Additional circuitry to make last month's project 'fade in'. Plus, veroboardlayouts that you can actually see! All will be revealed...

Echoes From The Observatory Part 1

Bill lays bare his recording techniques and reveals the innermost secrets of his home studio 'The Echo Observatory' which has recently been upgraded to 16 track status. Now being used to record tracks fora forthcoming Nelson masterpiece.

Mix-It-Yourself Porta-studio Single

TLO Records recently released a single by Bonaventura in the form of a four track Portastudio-compatible cassette that you can mix yourself. Could it be a new trend for the future?

Ambisonically Yours...

The latest Steve Hackett album 'Till We Have Faces' is rock music's first flirtation with Ambisonic 'surround' sound. Steve explains how it has affected his whole approach to the recording of his music.

Modular Effects Rack Project Part 1

A major new series describing the design and construction of a high quality modular effects rack. This first instalment deals with the Sub Rack assembly, Power Unit and the first module: the Pro-Gate.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Equipment Guide

Our regular update on what's available.

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