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Home & Studio Recording - June 1985


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What's New

at the APRS Show

A quick roundup of who's exhibiting what at this year's APRS show.

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Music Review

The latest offerings from your various studios.

Studio Mains Supplies Part 1

Ben Duncan passes some of his tried and tested methods of evicting any studio gremlins that may be residing in the mains supply, and also explains the phenomenon of the singing light bulb.

Making the Most of... Part 2

Bass Guitar and how to record it.

Akai S612

Midi Sound Sampler

Rebis Revisited

Rebis Modular Effects Rack System RA200 Series.

A look at some of the newer modules currently available for the Rebis rack.

The Art of Toys

A few words from the editor on how he uses, misuses and abuses effects.

Jo Partridge

Jo Partridge

Janet Angus talks to Jo about his enthralling past and his new studio where surfing is the most serious distraction.

You Can Make It If You Try Part 2

Dave Simpson concludes the saga of Thatched Cottage Studio and how it came about.

Return to Zero Part 5

Multi-tracking and Overdubbing

This month we examine basic multitrack techniques including overdubbing and drop-ins, and explain about sync.

When the Levy Breaks...

Rivalled only by War and Peace for its length and emotional content, this article by our own Neville Unwin presents both sides of the 'blank tape levy' argument.

Home Studio Recordist

Des Carson at Riverside Studio.

Input Module Project Part 7

Brings signals from the outside world into line with the Tantek rack. Features stereo operation and an LED ladder signal level meter.

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A selective listing of what's available for the home recordist.

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