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Home & Studio Recording - March 1989


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Akai S950

The successor to Akai's industry standard S900 hits the streets.

Roland R8

The new Human Rhythm Composer goes where no TR808 has gone before, into previously uncharted territories of feel and nuance.

Yamaha EMT-10

A set of tasty samples in a box no bigger than an FB01 comes under scrutiny. And it's not expensive.

Short Takes

Five From America

A clutch of books for the beginning or serious recordist.

Realistic Arrangements: Vocals Part 2

Our series continues with the voice, whether synthetic, sampled or the real thing.

Alesis Quadraverb

The long-awaited new box from Alesis gives the user access to up to four simultaneous high quality effects.

Ian Anderson

Ian Anderson

Jethro Tull's main man takes us behind the fish farmer exterior and into his home studio.

dbx 120X-DS

Subharmonic Synthesiser

This subharmonic synthesiser promises to do for your bottom end what an aural exciter does for your top.

Tascam GS-30

Guitar Amp Simulator

With packaging similar to the MTS-30, Tascam's latest gives us a decent attempt at getting a guitar amp sound in a box.

Hybrid Arts Ludwig Software

Software for the Atari ST

This program could clear a few creative cobwebs and give your music a bit of a boost.

Vestax MR100-FX

Personal Multitrack Recorder

Built-in digital reverb and three - yes, three - speeds are just some of the facilities hiding inside this new cassette multitracker.

Audix Microphones

A new range of American mics that sound and look good.

The Lead Feature Part 2

Ben Duncan delves even further into the wires that connect it all together.

Frankfurt Show Report
Show Report

All that was new and all that was interesting at the this year's sojourn into Germany.

In at the Deep End

For all of you that have ever thought, 'If only I could build my own 24-track studio, I'd have it made', we present this cautionary tale.

Sync Explained

The title says it all...

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