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Music Technology - January 1991

Subs & Doms

While we're used to the constantly-changing face of the music industry, it may surprise you to learn of certain changes afoot in the news trade. Tim Goodyer tells a warning tale of the near future.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Newsdesk

When it comes to news, MT's got the lot - including details of who actually killed Laura Palmer. If we get enough enquiries, we might even put it into print...

This article has no OCR bodytext.Communique

The meteoric rise in the popularity of sampling has had many consequences - not least musical and legal - but is the synthesiser another sampling casualty? Sampling philosophy discussed in Communique.

Dr T's Tiger Cub

Commodore Amiga Software

Following its success as an Atari ST sequencing/notation program, Tiger Cub finds itself available to Commodore Amiga owners. Ian Waugh gets a new pet.

Invision Protologic

Proteus Expansion

With the success of E-mu's Proteus sample reader assured, Invision are offering a hardware upgrade that's likely to see the Proteus' use become even more widespread. Vic Lennard explores the logic.

Visions of the Future

One of the stars of Channel 4's Fourmations, Brian Johnson's Improvisions combine musical performance with real-time manipulation of video images. Peter Ridsdale trips on this.

Geerdes SY77 Softworkstation

SY77 Editor/Librarian/Manager

The first of the software assists for editing and archiving on Yamaha's flagship SY77 comes from Germany. Ian Waugh breaks out the schnapps.

Roland MC50 Micro Composer

Having pioneered the Micro Composer in the '70s, Roland reaffirm the position of the hardware sequencer in 1990 with the MC50. Simon Trask is fatally attracted.

This article has no OCR bodytext.1990 Index

In a year that's seen Saddam Hussein invade Kuwait and Mrs T evacuate Number Ten, MT chalked up a neat line in hi-tech music information and entertainment - check it out in The MT Index.

Dream State

Tangerine Dream

After inspiring a generation of experimental musicians to explore synthetic soundscapes, Tangerine Dream found new relevance in 1990's ambient house movement. Simon Trask enters the Dream state.

Korg S3 Part 1

Rhythm Workstation

The drum machine's reply to the keyboard workstation is Korg's S3 Rhythm Workstation. Simon Trask looks at the first of a new breed of drum machine, sequencer and effects processor.

Meet the Beat

Meat Beat Manifesto

Why limit music to the sounds you hear or the run-of-the-mill images that litter video and concert appearances? Steve Cogan discovers that there's no reason at all - for Meat Beat Manifesto.

Digigram Proscore

Software for the Atari ST

The elite of ST scorewriting software is C-Lab's Notator and Steinberg's Cubase; their prices reflect this status. Ian Waugh makes the French connection and finds a cost-effective alternative.

Studiomaster Pro Line Gold

Mixing Desk

If you can't afford to be without a fully-featured mixing desk but can't afford the usual asking price, it could be that you haven't checked out Studiomaster's Pro Line Gold. Tim Goodyer has...

Music Technology - Copyright: Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


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