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Sound On Sound - May 1989

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More hi-tech news, views, and juicy hot gossip!

Shape of Things to Come

News of Ensoniq’s rackmount sampler, the EPS-M, and other goodies are unveiled in glorious techno-colour. Read all about it.

London College of Furniture

Technology & Education

Are you looking for an engineering career in the audio industry? Perhaps a musical technology course at the London College of Furniture might set you on the right path. Course tutor Tim Orr explains why...

A New Angle On FM?

Yamaha TQ5 Expander

Stylish or ugly, don't let the TQ5’s unconventional casing distract you from the fact that with its 8-track integral sequencer and digital effects, this 4-operator FM expander packs a pretty powerful punch for the money. David Hughes reports from his ring-side seat.

A Case for Quality Microphones

With the development of their Series 4000 range of studio mics, Bruel & Kjaer have earned a reputation as one of the top manufacturers of versatile, high performance microphones. In this article Ralph Dunlop, B&K's UK Sales Manager, makes a case for the use of quality microphones and outlines a useful guide for determining microphone choice and application.

Digitech Smartshift

Smarter than the average pitch shifter?

David Mellor assesses the musical intelligence of the DigiTech IPS33 SmartShift intelligent pitch shifter.

The Transcontinental Midi Songwriting Shuffle

MIDI Composition via Computer

The tale of two songwriters on opposite coasts of America, using different computers and musical instruments, writing and producing a single without face-to-face collaboration until the final mixdown. Al Hospers reveals what happened.

FM's Finest Hour

Yamaha V50 Workstation

Paul Ireson explores Yamaha's latest professional keyboard, which integrates FM synthesis, a drum machine, a powerful sequencer and a multi-effects unit into a single package. Could it be FM's finest hour?



He's big in Japan, massive in America, and beginning to conquer Europe with his own brand of ethereal synthesized 'mood music'. Mark Jenkins talks to the phenomenon that is Kitaro.

Alternative Instruments


Can't play an instrument but would love to create music? Your wish is granted! With the right software, the humble Atari ST computer can be turned into a very different MIDI instrument indeed. Martin Russ looks at two unusual graphical music programs with contrasting approaches: MIDIDraw and MIDIGrid.

Making the Most of your Akai S1000 Sampler Part 1

Recently voted 'Best Sampler' by SOS readers, Akai's S1000 has quickly established itself as the industry standard 16-bit machine. So who better to reveal the innermost secrets of the instrument than the creator of the new SWM and Workstation sample disks, Akai product specialist Steve Howell. This month he kicks off the series with an explanation of how to take your own samples.

How to set up a Home Studio Part 6

Patch Bay Layout

PART 6: Possession of a patchbay marks the difference between a conglomeration of miscellaneous equipment and a versatile working studio. David Mellor explains how to design your own patchbay layout.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About System Exclusive Part 2

(But Were Too Afraid To Ask!)

PART 2: Martin Russ reveals even more about the uses and applications of MIDI's most powerful function.

Roland CD5

CD ROM player

Surrounded by sample disks? Swamped by sounds? Paul Ireson takes a look at Roland's new CD5 CD ROM player, the next step up in sound library management for S550 sampler owners, and a taste of things to come for everyone else.

The Music Network

SOS Online

Paul Gilby reports on activities on Europe's new electronic communications system for musicians.

Software Support

Hints, Tips & News From The World Of Music Software

More hints, tips and update news from the world of music software.

Sounding Off

Is there a Bob in your studio?

Stiletto Sound's very own Greg Truckell contemplates the changes brought about by music computers, and asks: ‘Is there a Bob in your studio?’

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