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Sound On Sound - May 1992


Time For A Change

This article has no OCR bodytext.Shape Of Things To Come

Another round-up of new products, plus news from the world of hi-tech music.

Chameleon In SP's Clothing

Peavey SP Sample Playback Synthesizer

Martin Russ takes a close look at Peavey's long-awaited DPM SP dedicated sample player, and its sample input partner the DPM SX.

Frankfurt Musik Messe 1992
Show Report

Paul Ireson reports from Frankfurt on Europe's biggest music fair.

Mass Storage Technology

Is the hard disk about to crash? Kendall Wrightson looks at the latest developments in mass storage technology, and discovers an optical future.

Music On The Move

Hi-Tech You Can Take Anywhere

Forget towels, deodorant and trashy paperbacks, what you really want to pack in your suitcase come the Summer is a go-anywhere MIDI studio. Paul Ireson advises on suitable travelling companions.

Sony DPS-M7

Digital Sonic Modulator

Following hot on the heels of the DPS-D7 and R7 digital delay and reverb units comes a third dedicated processor in Sony's DPS series — the DPS-M7. David Mellor wonders whether this marks the end of the line for multiple effects units.

I Sync Therefore I Am

Micon Audio LMTC Synchroniser

Micon Audio's LMTC Processor Controller Synchroniser does for owners of Tascam multitracks what the MTC1 did for Fostex users: integrates multitrack recorder control into the sequencer environment. Dave Lockwood gets that syncing feeling once more.

SPL Vitalizer

The Vital Ingredient

By using elements of equalisation combined with established psychoacoustic principles, the SPL Vitalizer enhances the entire audio spectrum. Paul White reviews the unit that is now a vital ingredient of his mixes.

Digital Effects

A Guide to Digital Reverbs, Delays and Multi-Effects Units

Julian Colbeck takes a look at what's on offer in the world of digital reverbs, delays and multi-effects units, and explains how to choose between them.

Korg 03R/W Synth Module

The sound of Korg's 01/W keyboard is now available in the compact frame of the 03R/W expander. Nigel Humberstone checks it out.

Allen & Heath GS3

Multitrack Mixer

With features enough for a low-end one-inch 24-track studio, and a price low enough for the top end of the quarter-inch 8-track market, Dave Lockwood finds the Allen & Heath GS3 too good to be ignored.

Drum Programming Part 1

A Series By Warren Cann

If you use a drum machine or programme drum parts on your sequencer, chances are you need help. Warren Cann explains why in this introduction to his new series on drum programming.

Radical Recording

You may be a whizz with the little black boxes, but how are you at recording real sounds and real performances? Wilf Smarties serves up a selection of tasty studio tricks.

Astronaut or Heretic?

Thomas Dolby

Thomas Dolby is back after a four year break, without the mad professor image but with an excellent new album in Astronauts & Heretics, his most personal recording to date. Paul Tingen spoke to him about the long road from solo synthesist to globe-trotting collaborator.

Steinberg Cubase 3.0 Part 2

David Mellor concludes his 2-part review of the latest version of Steinberg's Cubase sequencing software with an investigation of some of its more complex features: the IPS, MIDI Mixer, and Logical Editing.

Hands On: Soundcraft Spirit Studio Mixer Part 2

David Mellor concludes his guide to this low-cost high-quality console.

Karlheinz Stockhausen

Electronics Into Light | Stockhausen

Karlheinz Stockhausen has had a profound influence on modern music from the 1950s onwards, and pioneered the use of electronics to create genuinely new music. Mark J. Prendergast reviews his career.


The Graphic Sequencer

PC music software still has to come some way to catch up with that for the Atari and Mac, but good, graphic, sequencer programs like Cadenza are a big step in the right direction. Peter Cudmore takes a closer look.

ST Notes

Martin Russ is your guide to the world of music on the Atari ST, in this new monthly column...

Mac Notes

...while Kendall Wrightson tackles the Mac...

PC Notes

...Brian Heywood pores over the PC...

Amiga Notes

...and Phil South stays friends with his Amiga.

Blue Ribbon SuperJam

Amiga Composition Software

Paul Overaa takes a look at SuperJam, the new Amiga music composition package from Blue Ribbon Soundworks.

Yamaha RY30 Sound Cards

Rhythm Sound And Artist Cards

Martin Russ looks at how Yamaha have drummed up card support for their successful RY30 drum machine, with new cards containing the sounds and rhythms of big name drummers.

HitSound Producer Series CDs

Coldcut, David Ruffy

Wilf Smarties looks for the perfect beat in two new HitSound sample CDs, from production team Coldcut and drummer David Ruffy.

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Keyboard amplification to match the best of today's instruments!

Software Support

Hints, Tips & News From The World of Music Software

More hints and tips from the software publishers themselves. This month: C-Lab; Opcode; Coda; Dr. T's.


Samplers generate their own specialised jargon — so here's a quick guide to help guide you through some commonly used terms.

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