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Assault On Battery

Feature | Topic: Recording Studios | Music Technology, Jan 1989
Battery Studios

Jive Records' own Battery Studio complex has to accommodate acts as diverse as Schooly D, Mark Shreeve and Samantha Fox. David Bradwell raps technology.

The Empire Strikes Back

Interview | Music Technology, Oct 1988

Who helped make Climie Fisher's single a hit? And the Pet Shop Boys', and Depeche Mode's, and Bananarama's? David Bradwell investigates the latest action in the Stock, Aitken & Waterman production stable.

Rags To Riches

Feature | Topic: Recording Studios | Music Technology, Sep 1988
Rich Bitch Studio

From rehearsal room to recording complex. David Bradwell tells the story of a Midlands musician who hopes to open a nationwide chain of recording studios.

Hybrid Arts Edit Track

Review | Music Technology, Apr 1989
Software for the Atari ST

The latest update to Hybrid Arts' MIDI Track range of Atari ST sequencers gives them a host of new and improved features. Davd Bradwell re-examines Hybrid's track record.

Hybrid Arts SMPTETrack II V5.09

Review | Music Technology, Aug 1990

Software upgrades mean there can never be a definitive review of a program. David Bradwell keeps track of the latest Hybrid Arts' SMPTETrack updates.

Copycat Crimes

Feature | Topic: Copyright, Sampling | Music Technology, Sep 1988

Sampling and the law: where do you stand when you plug your record deck or CD player into your sampler? David Bradwell investigates the legal position and the attitudes of the music industry.

New Order

Interview | Music Technology, Apr 1989

Making their presence felt in the singles charts once again, New Order are celebrating eight years together with a new album and forthcoming tour. David Bradwell and Chris Williams investigate the Order of things.


Feature Downloads | Topic: Synthesizer Patches | Music Technology, Jun 1989

A review of the Desert Island sample library for the Ensoniq EPS joins a selection of readers own patches for the Korg M1, Ensoniq SQ80 and Yamaha TX81Z in this month's Patchwork.

The Power Of The Voice

Interview | Music Technology, Sep 1988

After releasing an album consisting entirely of human vocal samples, Claire Hamill reintroduces the synthesiser to her music. David Bradwell listens to the singer's tale.

Ensoniq EPS-M Sampler Module

Review | Music Technology, May 1989

Rather than keep the module-addicts happy with a rack version of their EPS sampler, Ensoniq have incorporated some attractive improvements into their EPS-M - like quadrupling its memory. David Bradwell liked it so much he bought it...


Feature Downloads | Topic: Synthesizer Patches | Music Technology, Apr 1989

The theme of this month's edition of Patchwork is decidedly traditional, as Casio's CZ101 joins the ubiquitous DX7 and D50 as the subjects for readers' programming dexterity.

Record Profits

Feature | Topic: Music Business | Music Technology, Dec 1988

Who's making the cash out of record sales - the artist, the record company, the management, the record shops? David Bradwell investigates record royalties.

Force Majeure

Interview | Music Technology, May 1989

From Sheffield's tradition as the home of industrial funk, come the Fon Force. David Bradwell talks to the men behind the cream of modern northern dance music.


Feature Downloads | Topic: Synthesizer Patches | Music Technology, May 1989

A review of the Desert Island sample collection for the Mirage joins readers' own patches for the Roland D110, Ensoniq ESQ1 and Casio CZ5000 in this month's action-packed edition of Patchwork.

Psycho Killer

Feature | Music Technology, Dec 1988

A complete psychosensory experience in the back of a Transit van? David Bradwell talks to the man behind the most sophisticated sound system on wheels.

Master Of The Mix

Interview | Music Technology, May 1989

As PWL's in-house mixer, Pete Hammond can claim to have had a hand in even more chart singles than Stock, Aitken & Waterman. David Bradwell finds out what makes a hit record.

Talking Shop

Interview | Music Technology, Mar 1988

Building his career on productions of Jennifer Warnes, Malcolm McLaren and the Communards, Stephen Hague has found his greatest success with The Pet Shop Boys. David Bradwell talks shop.

Acid Radical

Interview | Music Technology, Dec 1988

The man responsible for the UK's first genuine acid house single discusses basslines, bitonality and the grin factor. Baby talk: David Bradwell.

Front Line

Interview | Music Technology, Jun 1989

Belgian sampling innovators Front 242 have been accused of encouraging a fascist following - where does the sampling stop and the politics begin? David Bradwell brings news from the front.

Johnny Hates Jazz

Interview | Music Technology, Apr 1988

Johnny Hates Jazz are in the privileged position of being allowed to produce their own debut album. David Bradwell talks to the band about their unusual situation, their techniques and their philosophies.

Acid Radical

Interview | Phaze 1, Feb 1989

baby ford, golden boy of british acid, drops hints on getting the dancefloor moving

Ensoniq VFX-SD

Preview | Music Technology, Dec 1989

One of the most refreshing synths of '89 was Ensoniq's VFX, but how does it fare with a new keyboard, disk drive and a powerful onboard sequencer? David Bradwell looks at Ensoniq's workstation.

Playing the Blues

Interview | Music Technology, Jul 1988

Pop hopefuls or Stock, Aitken and Waterman puppets? The men in Blue give David "newboy" Bradwell the inside story on the SAW production stable.

Record Profits

Feature | Topic: Music Business | Phaze 1, Feb 1989

the average album costs over six quid: where does it go, and why?

Artistic License

Interview | Music Technology, Dec 1989

Well established as sampling innovators, the Art Of Noise have just released their fourth LP. David Bradwell talks to the Art's JJ Jeczalik about Fairlights and fairplay.



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