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Ensoniq SQ1 Plus

Review | Music Technology, Nov 1992
Personal Music Studio

Value added tracks

Yamaha QR10

Review | Music Technology, Dec 1993
music accompaniment player

Auto-accompaniments, yes - but it's a recordable sequencer too. And you can fiddle with it on the train...

Long-haul Flite

Review | The Mix, Aug 1994
3G Flite 8

A console for concerts

Torque T225SK

Review | Music Technology, Dec 1992
Stereo Keyboard Amp

Vestax CD-33

Review | Music Technology, Dec 1993
double CD player

Double turntables are the DJ stock-in-trade. Can the CD format take the dance floor by storm?

Khemistry klass

Interview | The Mix, Aug 1994

Wrexham's master remixers spill the beans

Ensoniq ASR-10

Review | Music Technology, Jan 1993
Advanced Sampling Recorder

Bit of this, bit of that

Short Cuts

Review | Music Technology, Dec 1993

Doctoring the mouse

Review | The Mix, Nov 1994
Steinberg Recycle!

Sample groove editor for Mac

Akai S2800 & S3000 Samplers

Review | Music Technology, Mar 1993

Leaders of the new school?

Korg Audio Gallery AG-101 & AG-102

Review | Music Technology, Feb 1994
Multimedia Music System for PC & Macintosh

Do Korg's new Mac and PC add-ons represent a sound investment?

Pumping station

Review | The Mix, Nov 1994
Studiomaster Power House Vision 8

Powered mixer with effects

Incoming Data

News | Music Technology, Apr 1993

Mark Of The Unicorn MIDI Express

Review | Music Technology, Feb 1994
interface for the Macintosh

This new interface could be just the ticket for Mac users.

Major league monitor

Review | The Mix, Sep 1994

Last month’s review re-born

Vince Clarke’s Wall Of Sound

Interview | Music Technology, Jun 1993

Here’s your ticket to Amsterdam, Vince will meet you at the studio and show you all his favourite classic synths. A dream? No, a reality, thanks to Ian Masterson and Music Technology. Ian gets an exclusive guided tour around Erasure’s secret analogue powerhouse, just for you. You can almost taste the Amstel beer

Pulsar Zero 4001 & Litefoot

Review | Music Technology, Mar 1994
lighting control for musicians

Look - no hands! Play and display even without MIDI.

Take it to the Max!

Review | The Mix, Sep 1994
BBE Sonic Maximiser

Modular mix enhancement

Studiomaster Star System

Review | Music Technology, Oct 1993
8:4:2 mixer

The ergonomics of the small mixer redefined

Optikinetics Club Strobeflower

Review | Music Technology, Apr 1994
strobe effect lighting system

If you thought you knew what kind of effect strobe lights produced, it's time to think again.

Strobo cop

Review | The Mix, Oct 1994
Martin Robocolor

Lights on a budget

Ensoniq CDR-1

Review | Music Technology, Oct 1993
sample CD-ROM

Hundreds of samples on tap

Korg X3R

Review | Music Technology, Apr 1994
music workstation module

For every keyboard synth there must a rackmount version. The X3 is no exception.

Beam me up Scotty

Review | The Mix, Oct 1994
Beyer DT159 & DT329

Headset mics

Akai DR4d

Review | Music Technology, Oct 1993
hard disk recorder

Direct-to-disk recording from the sample stable



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