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Music Review | Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Music, Sep 1983
An audience with Tandoori Cassette

String Synths

Feature | Topic: Vintage Instruments | Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Music, Mar 1984

Ensemble keyboards

NJD IQ250 & IQ-MX40

Review | Music Technology, Aug 1993
Intelligent Lighting System

It's easy to be drawn to bright lights

Citronic SM650

Review | Music Technology, Aug 1993
Professional mixing desk

Professional DJ mixing starts here...

Perfect Pitch Francinstien

Review | Music Technology, Aug 1993
Stereo enhancer

It may be a monster but it can breathe life into your mix


Review | Music Technology, Sep 1993
digital sampling mixer

Watch out for this new DJ mixer; it's fading - fast.

Genius Mini Music Scanner and Mini Music Round lights

Review | Music Technology, Sep 1993

It's easy to be impressed by Genius.

Lexicon Alex

Review | Music Technology, Sep 1993
effects processor

Can he create the right effect?

Akai CD3000

Review | Music Technology, Sep 1993
CD-ROM sample player

The CD Side of sampling.

Metro Sound Studiosamples Sound Disks

Review | Music Technology, Sep 1993
for Ensoniq EPS16+/ASR10

Metro Sound Studiosamples sound disks for the Ensoniq EPS16+ and ASR10

Pulsar Universal Interface

Review | Music Technology, Oct 1993

Let your MIDI rig control your lighting


Review | Music Technology, Nov 1993



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