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KPM - A Recorded Music Library

Feature | Sound On Sound, Apr 1986

What is Library Music? What does a Music Library do? Freelance engineer Richard Elen answers these questions and more as he takes a look inside one of the world's premier recorded music libraries.

Letter From LA

Feature | Topic: Recording Studios | Sound International, Jul 1978

Editor gets sun-tan; justifies expenses, etc.

Music on-line - Part 1

Feature | Sound On Sound, Jan 1987
A Guide to Computers and Communications for the Musician.

Believe it or not, your computer can do considerably more than just go wrong! The burgeoning world of telecommunications offers the musician access to international 'electronic mail' and 'bulletin board' systems, free music software, information databases, help and sound advice. Richard Elen begins a new series that explores how today's top musicians are taking advantage of such systems and tells how you can join in.

This article has no OCR bodytext.No Static At All

Feature | Sound International, Jul 1978

Music on-line - Part 2

Feature | Topic: Computing | Sound On Sound, Feb 1987

Part 2. Richard Elen concludes his guide to computers and communications for musicians with details of how to join and log on to two musicians' networks: PAN and Esi Street. There's also an extensive glossary of terms to help newcomers to this exciting field understand what it is all about.

Talkback - Part 1

Interview | Sound International, Aug 1978

First of an occasional series of chats with engineers; Richard Elen extracts facts from Phill Brown.

Behind The Synthesizer Experience

Feature | Sound On Sound, Mar 1987

Richard Elen talks to Dave Tuffnell, the man behind a unique electronic music information service - ESSP.


Editorial | Sound International, Sep 1978

The Alan Parsons Project

Interview | Sound On Sound, May 1986

The man who took the credit for production on Pink Floyd's superlative 'Dark Side Of The Moon' album has since had ten years of album success with his own creation: The Alan Parsons Project. Richard Elen managed to track him down to London's Mayfair Studios, to discuss the appliance of music technology in his recordings.

Talkback - Part 2

Interview | Sound International, Sep 1978

Richard Elen's fact-extraction mission with engineer Phill Brown reaches its conclusion.

Fairlight Series III

Review | Sound On Sound, Sep 1986

The Fairlight (in its previous Series II guise) was/is probably the most famous computer musical instrument in the world. Everybody knows the name, but few really know what its true capabilities are. Now there is a new breed of Fairlight, far more powerful and far more sophisticated than the old one ever was - the Series III. Richard Elen takes a look at the mind-boggling potential of this Rolls-Royce of sound sampling/synthesizing machines.

Live for the Record

Feature | Topic: Live, Recording | Sound International, Sep 1978

How to record a cheap live album — an easy way out with direction courtesy Richard Elen.

The Holistic Author

Interview | Sound On Sound, Jul 1987

Would you believe that the author of the mega-successful 'Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy' is a fanatical devotee of the Macintosh computer and a MIDI enthusiast to boot? Richard Elen listens as the man tells why...

OK Chief

Music Review | Sound International, Sep 1978

The Computer & The Sound House

Feature | Topic: Recording Studios | Sound On Sound, Oct 1987
BBC Radiophonic Workshop

The BBC Radiophonic Workshop's network of Macintosh computers handles everything from music programming to looking after the tape library. Richard Elen talks to Brian Hodgson, the head of the Workshop, about their musical Macintoshes.

Walk Away René

Review | Sound International, Oct 1978
Visual Reports & Views

Hipgnosis collection is no walking antique: gosh I spin Magritte-like-are you hip enough to gnosis? (anag).

Passport Master Tracks Pro

Review | Sound On Sound, Oct 1987
A MIDI Control Program for the Macintosh

Passport were one of the first US companies to offer music software for any computer. Richard Elen wades through the extensive features offered by their first music software release for the Apple Macintosh - a MIDI control program called Master Tracks Pro.

The War of The Worlds

Interview | Sound International, Oct 1978
The Producers

We wish Wayne's Wells world war well: Richard 'Way With The Words' Elen interviews Jeff 'War Of The Worlds' Wayne.

MIDI Futures at the BBC

Feature | Topic: Recording Studios, Video / Film / Picture | Sound On Sound, Feb 1989

The unique demands on the BBC Radiophonic Workshop have placed it in the forefront of developments in high technology music. Their latest development- a new style of MIDI suite - is an innovation not only in terms of the technology that's employed, but also in the geography’ of the working environment. Richard Elen takes an exclusive first look at the new studio.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Lost Chords?

Feature | Sound International, Oct 1978

Man of Vision

Interview | Sound On Sound, Oct 1989
Dave Oppenheim of Opcode

Mike Collins chats to Dave Oppenheim, founder of and main programmer for Opcode Systems, the creators of Vision sequencer, the original MIDI File Format, and a range of primarily Macintosh music software and hardware.


News | Sound International, Nov 1978
Instruments & Equipment

Communications, disseminations, notifications, announcements, etc, brought to you by the inside dopes (let us out!). Studios & Recording resumes next month.

Choosing A Computer For Music - Part 1

Feature | Topic: Buyer's Guide, Computing | Sound On Sound, May 1991
IBM PC-Compatibles & Apple Macintosh

Part 1: All four of the major computers can be used for musical applications, so which one should you choose? This month, Richard Elen puts the case for the Apple Macintosh whilst Brian Heywood advocates the benefits of the IBM PC-compatible.

Renaissance Reborn

Music Review | Sound International, Nov 1978


Feature | Topic: Recording Studios | Sound International, May 1978
Riverside Recordings

Riverside Recordings — from bedroom Revoxes to 16-track slickness.



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