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A Message from Mr Kakehashi

President of the Roland Corporation

Music, painting and sculpture are all art forms. In the case of sculpture and painting you can buy materials and tools to create this art, so why not music? We are missing the tools to create.

In the music industry at the moment hardware, the equipment, is very advanced but lacks software development. Music is just the opposite, over the last three or four hundred years man has created so much software, the music, but very little hardware to shape it.

Our intention is to supply the tools required to create and shape music.

Thirty years ago I wanted to have an organ in my home, but after the war there were none available, so I had to build one. Then I started my company, so a hobby became a business. I therefore looked for another hobby, in computing. After I realised all the possibilities there I developed the micro-composer. This was our first instrument for compumusic. When first introduced, the MC8 was very expensive. Now we've released the MC202 with more capacity than the original MC8 and costing less. I want to make music creation available to anyone.

Computers do not take away creativity, they are just honest slaves, tools to be used. How creative they are depends on the user. For example, Mr Tomita, a good friend of mine, never plays on the keyboard, he can, but he prefers to enter his music by numbers to be played by machine. He is an amazing person.

The Amdek Compumusic system allows the musician to use computers and the computer enthusiast to make music. The aim is the same. It is a complete melody, bass, chord and rhythm unit. We have also developed the XY plotter which is intended to print out music.

People seem to be looking for digital synthesisers, creating sounds by all digital means, I don't think that's right. If analogue synthesisers can make good sounds, we should use analogue. If digital makes a good sound, we should use digital. Equally if we can create good sounds without electronics we should. The sound is the main aim.

Compatibility is also an important area. We have made our technical data available to other people because we must have a standard, like MIDI. Then everyone will benefit, not just one company.

We claim that we are designing the future.

I believe in the future of electronic music.

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