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Cabinets Survey

Choosing the right cabinet for the right job can be difficult. IM surveys what's available.

Boosey & Hawkes

Ampeg sound equipment includes a number of set-ups, and the cabinets involved provide a wide spectrum of choice for the musician. The SVT set-up boasts two enclosures housing eight 10" speakers, sealed in four compartments. Each enclosure is capable of handling 240 watts RMS each. The V-4B encloses two 15" Altec Lansing 421A speakers, with a double folded horn handling 240 watts. The cabinet in the B-25B set-up houses two 15" speakers, a dual driver bass reflex vented enclosure, a handling capacity of 120 watts per enclosure, and an impedance selector switch of either 4 or 16 ohms. The B-15S Cabinet houses a single 15" speaker with an 8 ohm impedance and a 60 watt handling capacity, and the B-15N offers roughly the same specifications.


The American Bose range of loudspeakers includes the Bose 800, which they claim is the first truly portable music reinforcement system of its kind. Utilising eight identical 4½" Bose drivers with close acoustic couplings, the full range driver design eliminates crossover and the problem of crossover colouration.

With a low peak to average frequency response ratio at the microphone, the Bose 800 promises unusually high gain before feedback. The cabinet boasts a maximum recommended amplifier power rating of 270 watts RMS.


Carlsbro's Mini-Bin

With over 30 speaker cabinets, Carlsbro have a bin for just about every occasion. The 100 watt Mini Bin is among the favourites.

A folded horn bin measuring a compact 35" x 20" x 20", the Mini Bin is powered by an Eminance 15" speaker and two Celestion MF 1000 horns and is ideal for P.A. and disco applications.

The Carlsbro 2x12" columns are available in six models, and the latest additions, the 1x12" one horn, 100 watt and 2x12" one horn, 200 watt pairs can suitably replace the now obsolete and bulky 4x12" columns. The new models are fitted with Carlsbro's 50 watt Powertone speakers.


CBS/Arbiter offer a number of speaker cabinets, matched to their Fender amplifiers. The Dual Showman enclosure houses two 15" speakers, with a choice of either Fender professional or JBL speakers, a speaker input jack and built-in casters, and measures 45" x 30" x 11½".

The Fender Bandmaster and Bandmaster Reverbs are paired with two specially designed 12" speakers (again, either JBL or Fender speakers), also with speaker input jacks and built-in casters, measuring 39¼" x 29" x 11½".

The Bassman 100 enclosure, which measures 40¼" x 30¼" x 17", houses four specially designed heavy duty 12" bass speakers, while the Bassman 50 enclosure measures 30" x 28" x 12" and houses two 15" bass speakers (either Fender or JBJ).


The Maximin range of cabinets have been designed with the intention of offering musicians a viable alternative to the bulky traditional 4x12 cabinets.

The Minimax pick-a-back cabinets will be available in a 50 watt version, with two 10" speakers, a 100 watt version with two 12" speakers, and a 100 watt version with four 10" speakers.

The Maximin 152 is fitted with a Celestion 15" speaker and two horns and handles 100 watts. This will be made to order, with a variety of speakers such as Gauss and Eminence. The cabinet is suitable for lead, bass and P.A.

Chingford Organs

Chingford Organs have one fine speaker cabinet suitable for use with organs, pianos or even guitars. The German-made Solton has an output of 130/160 watts, and has a rotary speaker system. The unit is portable.

J.T. Coppock

The Leeds based firm of J.T. Coppock offer two very interesting Eigen speaker cabinets. The "Thing" Bin is a flared bin for mid range and bass, and is ideal for use with P.A. It houses a single 15" 150 watt Fane Crescendo or Cetec loudspeaker, depending on the buyer's specifications.

Eigen also offer a set of 2 x 12 columns, designed for use with GP 100 amplifiers. Each column houses two 12" speakers with a total handling capacity of 160 watts per pair.

Court Acoustics

Court Acoustics is the trade name for speaker systems designed and manufactured by Stephen Court of Dennington Acoustics (Audio Consultants). Complete JBL systems can be supplied including components and spares, and in addition, custom built systems can be supplied under the name of Court Acoustics. These systems are complete with carrying handles, aluminium profiles, and include a new 18" version of the JBL 15" horn (Gauss 18" can be supplied at slightly reduced cost).

Custom Sound

Custom Sound do a variety of loudspeaker enclosures, ranging in price from £39.00 to £564.00. At the economical end of the range is the CS7212D, a 2x12" 100 watt cabinet for use with P.A. The 7212G boasts similar specifications for use with guitar, while the 7212H offers the same specifications with a horn cabinet, and is also for P.A. use.

The 7115D houses a single 15" speaker, and is a reflex bin for use with bass guitar, handling 100 watts. The 7112/2H boasts a single 12" speaker plus two horns, and is a reflex bin suitable for either P.A. or disco use. The 7412G is a 4x12" guitar cabinet, handling 200 watts.

Of particular interest is the Custom Sound 7000, comprising two 7115D bins with Altec 15" drivers, two 7115/2H cabinets with 12" drivers and two H.F. horns, and links up with a Custom Sound 700 P.A. amp and power amplifier.


Davoli do a broad range of speaker cabinets, with the emphasis being largely on P.A. In the small end of the range, Davoli do the DK45, a 45 watt P.A. speaker cabinet handling 45 watts with a single 12" full range speaker. The DK75 is a 75 watt speaker cabinet boasting two 12" full range speakers.

The DK90 handles 90 watts through two 12" with 2 tweeters. The DK120 boasts a single 15" speaker with two horn tweeters and handles 120, while the DK180 handles 180 watts through four 12" speakers, and boasts four tweeters. Top of the P.A. range is the DK200, which handles 200 watts through two 15" woofers, two mid-range horns and two horn tweeters.

Feldon Audio

Feldon market the JBL range of professional speaker systems. The 4311 Control Monitor 3-way is useful in studio control rooms, utilising three cone drivers to achieve a bandwidth of 45 to 15,000 Hz. The 4315 Compact Studio Monitor houses a 12" low frequency, 8" midrange and 5" high frequency loudspeakers with an ultra-high frequency transducer.

The 4330 and 4331 Studio monitors utilise a recently developed 15" low frequency speaker with the existing wide range high frequency compression driver and horn/lens assembly. The 4332 and 4333 Studio monitors are an expansion of the aforementioned cabinets, and also boast an additional ultra-high frequency transducer that extends the bandwidth of the system to 20,000 Hz.

The 4340 and 4341 Studio monitors consist of 15" low frequency and 10" midrange loudspeakers, a high frequency compression driver with an exponential horn and acoustic lens, and an ultra high frequency transducer.


FAL are in the process of completely revamping their range of loudspeaker cabinets, but two of their more familiar models will remain on the market. The FAL 50 is an inexpensive, general purpose enclosure incorporating a 12" 14,000 gauss unit handling 50 watts RMS.

The FAL 100 MkII features two 12" speakers with a 100 watt output.


Jennings make a number of speaker cabinets, and the one which they recommend for use with their own amplifiers is the D4. Handling 120 watts through four 12" 30 watt speakers, the D4 comes in four or eight ohm impedances. The B2 speaker cabinet is a 100 watt cabinet for bass or organ use, and features two 15" speakers, while the B1 is fitted with a single 18" speaker, and is more suitable for a bass player who wants to couple power with portability. The smaller (50 watt) B3 is fitted with one 15" speaker suitable for bass or organ.


Kemble market the Yamaha range of equipment, and they provide a number of speakers for use with their systems. The RA-50 series is ideal for use with every organ setting and studio or stage combo performance. The RA-50 houses a single Yamaha Natural Sound speaker, handling 60 watts. The RA-100 houses two main and two tremolo speakers, while the RA-200 is a giant combination of four main and three rotary tremolo speakers, handling 200 watts.

The TS series is suitable for use with guitar amps, and includes the TS 100, and the 110 and 200 cabinets, which can be used in conjunction with the YHS 100 horn speaker unit, providing a boost to the mid-range. The BS 100 is for use with bass amplifiers.

For use with P.A. systems, Yamaha offer a variety of combinations, built upon the PS-75 speaker column, handling 120 watts, and the PS-100 column, handling 100 watts.


Leslie has been the yardstick by which rotary organ speakers have been judged for many years. When buying a Hammond organ, it is almost obligatory that the organist adds a Leslie tone cabinet to produce the true rotating sound that results from the unique combination of Hammond and Leslie.

In recent years, however, Leslie have taken their specialised cabinet knowledge into fresh fields and launched a range of speakers not specifically designed for electronic organs.

The Model 18 is a combination speaker that houses a single 12" extended range driver, phase-shifted by an internal foam rotor. The cabinet is without internal amplification and it weighs around 70 lbs, and measures 29" x 21 3/8" x 15".

The rotary cabinets designed for organs have changed considerably since the huge wooden tone cabinets of a decade ago. Today they are far more portable without the sacrifice of either tone or volume.

Leslie 825

For the new range of Hammond portable organs, Leslie suggest the 825, or 760 cabinets. The 825 contains a 70 watt amp unit, and delivers its power through a 12" driver with sound activated by a foam rotor. The 760 offers 90 watts of sound from two channels of amplification and it's delivered through a 15" bass speaker plus a treble driver. Two rotors (horn and wood bass units) are also part of the specifications.

Top of the tone cabinet range is the 910. This is a large double cabinet containing one 15" bass driver, two 6" x 9" mid-range units and a treble driver. 100 watts RMS are available from three separate channels and the weight of the unit is 60 lbs for the upper modale and 106 lbs for the lower cabinet. Two rotors are responsible for sound movement.


The subject of cabinets and speaker enclosures cannot really be disposed of without reference to Lockwood, one of Britain's oldest established loudspeaker manufacturers.

Lockwood speakers are designed and produced for a wide variety of applications, but it can most commonly be found inside recording studios of the highest specification which monitor their sound via Lockwood enclosures which house Tannoy Red or Gold drivers.

Today the Lockwood range is far more comprehensive and commonly available are the Lockwood Major and the Universal Major. The Universal can be supplied with an optional mounting saddle which will solve many installation problems.


The Auralinear ES-212 Loudspeaker from Amcron was developed to match the dynamic range and linear reproduction of the other Amcron components. Midrange and highs are reproduced with virtually no crossovers, and wide range electrostatic radiators give flat response, low distortion and placed so as to offer a wide dispersion pattern. Bass response is delivered by two 10" long throw woofers in an acoustic suspension environment. The unit handles 75 watts.


Martin's stage monitor

Martin produces high power professional loudspeaker systems for all applications. These ranges from personal stage monitoring and instrument stacks to comprehensive four way P.A. systems, incorporating Midas cross-over/limiters. The prime objective in designing these systems is to minimize harmonic and intermodulation distortion at high sound pressure levels. A development programme supplemented by anechoic chamber measurements has resulted in a sophisticated four way system with horn loaded 500 watt 2 X 15" bins operating below 500 Hz, compression drivers and ring radiators covering the remainder of the spectrum, with narrow band operation of the mid range drivers.


Orange Musical Industries produce a broad range of speaker cabinets. The 4x12 Mini Cabinet is available in either 120 or 200 watt versions. The Bouncer Bass Cabinet is a folded horn enclosure with a single 15" speaker, and is ideal for use with bass or organ. The 2x12 Projector column is a monitor projector column with two 12" heavy duty speakers, while the 2x15" Reflector Cabinet was specifically designed for use with bass guitars.

The 4x12 Column Cabinet is a new size cabinet from Orange. Handling 100 watts through its four 12" speakers, it is designed for use with the Orange Super Road Worker P.A. set-up.


The Marshall range of cabinets are an intentionally thorough attempt to satisfy the needs of every musician. The 100 watt Lead-Organ stack is composed of the 1960 and 1960B (the B is used to denote the bottom half of a stack, as these units have recesses for the castors of the top half of the stack. All the cabinets described as stacks can be used separately). Each cabinet contains four 12" heavy duty speakers.

The 100 watt Bass stack comprises the 1935 and 1935B cabinets, which house four 12" speakers designed to handle low bass frequencies. Marshall have complimented these two stacks with the 1982 and 1982B, which offer four 12" speakers designed to offer high power.

The 2064 and 2064B Lead-Organ cabinets each contain one 12" Powercel speaker handling 100 watts, while the 2065 and 2065B each contain a single 15" Powercel speaker which handles 125 watts.

The 1990 Lead-Organ cabinet contains eight 10" speakers which handle 100 watts. The 2045 Lead-Bass-Organ cabinet houses a pair of 12" heavy duty speakers handling 60 watts. The 2052 Lead-Organ Powercel cabinet contains a single 15" Powercel speaker which handles 125 watts, with a rear loaded horn enclosure designed to add bottom end boost.

The Marshall P.A. set-ups boast a variety of speaker columns. The 50 watt system includes a pair of 2047 columns which are front loaded horn units, each of which contains one 10" and one 12" speaker. The 100 watt system contains a pair of 2043 columns, also with front loaded horn units, each containing two 10" and two 12" speakers.

Last but certainly not least is the newest of the Marshall cabinets, the 2097. A compact cabinet housing eight 8" Rola Celestion 8" P.A. speakers, the 2097 boasts a double angled front panel with bi-directional output distribution.


The S.A.I. philosophy of cabinet building is to design cabinets to meet a variety of needs. The E.V. Eliminator bin houses a 15" Maclab speaker and Electrovoice horn and driver, and measures 37" x 21" x 23". S.A.I.'s proven bass bin encloses a single 15" folded horn and two mid range horns, coupled to a 55Hz folded exponential horn.

The sectorial budget horn houses one horn rated at 50 or 100 watts with crossover, and the Stage Monitor Cabinet is slope fitted with one 12" speaker, two jack sockets, and is rated at 25-50 watts. The S.A.I. 15" Horn Cabinet houses a single 15"


R.S.D.'s new range of P.A. systems includes a stack measuring 7' x 3' x 3', and handling 1,400 watts. It includes two 4.5 exponential horn units with four 15" bass drivers handling 800 watts, two mid bass/mid enclosures with two 15" bass/mid units handling 400 watts, and two mid/HF enclosures, with a three way horn system comprising one mid range at 200 watts, two low HF at 100 watts each and four high HF units at 100 watts each, speaker mounted in a front loaded cabinet, with a choice of JBL, E.V. or Gauss speakers. When coupled with mid range horns and drivers, they are ideal for use with P.A.

S.A.I.'s 2 x 72" Super Lead

A new range of guitar and P.A.-Disco are now being produced by S.A.I. The Super Lead Cabinet uses two 50 watt 12" units in a ported design, measuring 27" x 20" x 13", and ported P.A. versions are available with or without mid range horns.


The five Selmer cabinets that come within the boundaries of our survey cover just about every possible situation a gigging musician could come across.

Lead 100 speaker boasts four 12" speakers that handle 100 watts between them, and recent improvements in the venting have improved the total sound. The Bass 100 features a single heavy duty 18" speaker and a specially ported cabinet which incorporates fibre glass acoustic lining. The PA 60H column speaker was designed to improve the top and middle sounds, to a quality equal to those normally found on prohibitively expensive P.A. systems. It has three 12" heavy duty speakers and a special horn coupled via an electronic filter.

The TV-35 PA is a single column speaker cabinet with three heavy duty 10" speakers and one 13" x 8" elliptical speaker handling 35 watts per column.


Sharma produce a broad range of speaker cabinets designed for professional use. The Sharma 5000 houses two bass speakers and two treble horn speakers, with concealed castors and handles. The Sharma 650 Professional is a small, light cabinet while the Carousel 900 Professional, has an output of 75 watts which is safely handled for long periods by a 100 watt Audiomax bass speaker and a 50 watt high power treble unit.

The 2000 incorporates tomorrow's sound with chorale and fast tremulant plus extra output and brilliance, while the Sharma 2300 De Luxe is identical in size to the 2000, but is fitted with an additional HF horn unit and a separate bass speaker with their own amplifier.


The newest addition to the Simms-Watts stable of speaker cabinets is the H100 Universal Horn Cabinet. Suitable for P.A., guitar or disco, the H100 houses four high-frequency horns and a 15" RCF speaker with a 4" voice coil. The 2x12" horn instrument cabinet houses two 12" power speakers and a HF exponential horn, and is suitable for use with guitar, organ or disco, handling 50 watts. The 1x15" horn instrument cabinet is an alternative to the above-mentioned 2x12", offering a single heavy duty speaker and an HF exponential horn unit handling 50 watts. The 1x15" bass speaker cabinet houses a single 15" bass speaker handling 50 watts.

For use with P.A., Simms-Watts do a folded horn P.A. bin, housing a 15" power speaker and two HF exponential Horn units, 2x12" twin horned P.A. columns and a 1x12" horn P.A. column. The 50 watt add-on horns are designed to provide additional high frequency lift and penetration.


There are seven cabinets from Soundout, each the answer to a different question. The HE1C handles 50 watts, the HE2C handles 100 watts, as does the larger DL6, which is ported.

The DL3 is a 100 watt expotential horn cabinet, which handles 100 watts, while its larger "twin", the DL5, handles 200 watts with a weight increase of only three kilograms. All of the above models, with the exception of the DL3 and DL5 (which are exclusively 8 ohm) are available in either eight or 15 ohm versions.


Ben Page & Son market the Sunn range of speaker cabinets. The 215S is a bass reflex rear loading horn, housing two 15" Sunn speakers handling 160 watts. The 415M is a V-Type bass reflex front loading horn, housing four 15" Magna speakers which handle 220 watts, and the 118MH is a front loading folded horn enclosing one 18" Magna 184 Speaker handling 300 watts RMS.

The 118M, a rear loading bass reflex horn, houses one 18" Magna speaker and handles 330 watts, while the 215SH front loading folded horn houses two 15" speakers. Completing the Sunn selection of bass enclosures, the 115S is a bass reflex rear-loading horn housing a single 15" speaker.

The 410 is an open back lead enclosure, housing four 10" speakers handling 160 watts. The 412 is an infinite baffle, housing four 12" speakers and handles 240 watts, while the indented front loading horn 312S houses three 12" speakers handling 180 watts.

Theatre Projects

Altec speaker cabinets and horns include a wide range of bins and horns suitable for every application. The 1204B speaker system is a portable set-up, including a low-frequency loudspeaker consisting of a 15" woofer, a high-frequency sectoral horn, a high-frequency driver a dividing network consisting of a two-section crossover with HF attenuation control and 800 Hz crossover with a 12dB octave slope.

The 815A low frequency horn handles frequencies from 100 Hz to 100 Hz, while the 816A is a combination front loaded horn and bass reflex enclosure.

The 9849A compact studio monitor is designed for situations requiring extended frequency response and low distortion. It includes a compression driver mounted on a sectoral high-frequency horn, a 12" low frequency loudspeaker and a 150 Hz dividing network.

The 1208B is of matched components; a low frequency musical instrument loudspeaker with a 15" woofer, a High-Frequency Sectoral Horn, a high-frequency driver a precision two-section passive dividing network and a low-frequency horn.

Top Gear

Top Gear market both Peavey and Hi Watt gear in this country, and thus offer a broad selection of speaker enclosures. The Peavey range includes the 115, housing a 15" driver in a direct radiating, ported, horn loaded enclosure.

The 212 comprises two 12" drivers in an infinite baffle enclosure, while the 215 includes two 15" heavy duty drivers in a direct radiating, ported horn loaded enclosure. The 610 houses six 10" speakers, while the 810 includes eight 10" speakers. The 412 consists of four 12" drivers.

The Hi Watt range leads off with the 75 watt cabinet, sporting four 12" speakers handling 75 watts. The flexible lead 100, bass 75 watt cabinet sports the same allotment of speakers, as does the lead 150/bass 100 watt cabinet.


Vitavox have recently entered the group amplification field with their Thunderbolt bin which is currently under field trials sponsored by International Musician and Vitavox. Blackfoot Sue have the bin in with their road equipment and are subjecting it to rigorous testing.

The Thunderbolt was developed especially to meet the need of high quality P.A. installation and it is designed to be used in conjunction with a standard HF horn.

Vitavox have been making loudspeakers and enclosures since long before the Second World War so it was a natural step for the company to move into group speakers.

The result of the trials will be published soon in International Musician and the Thunderbolt should be generally available towards the autumn.


Manufacturers of the much beloved AC 30, Vox also make the FB215 and the FB118 cabinets, either of which is recommended for use with the Vox AC 50 bass amplifier. The former measures 36" x 19" x 12" and houses two 15" speakers, while the latter is 26" x 22" x 16" and encloses a single 18" speaker.

The Vox 212 is a very efficient dual purpose speaker enclosure, incorporating two Rola Celestion 12" heavy duty 1088 loudspeakers. The cabinet is pressurised, and the dimensions are 27" x 16" x 19½". This last model is supplied with an optional metal swivel stand.


White Sound of Sunderland offer four cabinets, specialising in high output without resorting to a large number of cabinets. The B30 lateral bass horn is coupled with two 15" Gauss drivers, and handles 400 watts. The H100V radial horn offers excellent sound distribution at loud volume levels, and can be coupled with the Vitavox S3 driver. It handles 70 watts.

Wing Traynor

Wing Traynor offer a broad range of cabinets at very competitive prices. The YS-15P houses a single 15" speaker, while the YT-15 houses twin 15" speakers. The YF-10 encloses four 10" speakers, the YC-8 10 encloses eight 10" speakers, and the YC-6 10 encloses six 10" speakers.

The quest for a 2 x 12" cab is answered by the Y2-12, while the YF-12 provides a cabinet with four 12" speakers. The YCV 118 houses a single 18" speaker, the YCV-215 houses two 15" speakers and, last but not least, the YCV 212 houses two 12" speakers.

The S50 P.A. enclosure is designed for the solo artist, utilising a White 412A driver, front loaded into a tuned ported enclosure, handling 50 watts.

The A20Q cabinet boasts four front loaded White 842 drivers housed in a tuned enclosure with central port and baffling.

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