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Now you've absorbed all the information about the models discussed, here's a rather more brief summary. So now you know what noise reduction you want, how many inputs you need and how much money you've got, this should help you spend it.

Tape Speed Noise Red. Inputs EQ Aux.Sends Routing BalMic Input Batteries Meters Price
MG614 F/S X 6 S 2 2 + D 2 N L £899
Audio Technica
AT RMX64 F/S 6 S 2 F 6 N V/L £1199 (Discontinued)
MR-404 F X 4 F N O N N V £593
X15 S B 2 F N 2 N Y L £269
160 F C 4 F 1 2 N N L £475
250 F C 4 F 1 F N N L £375s/h
260 F C 4 S 4 2 + D N N L £799
Studio 4 F B 6 S 2 F 6 N L £1033
PortaOne S X 4 F N 2 N Y V £421
PortaTwo S X 6 F 2 2 + D N Y V £585
144 F B 4 F 1 2 N N V £325s/h
234 F X 4 N N N N N V £779
244 F X 4 S 2 2 N N V £899
246 F X 6 S 2 F N N V £1189
Dub 4x4 S C 4 F N O N Y V £429
Vesta Fire
MR-10 S X 2 F N 2 N Y V £320
MR-1 F X 6 N N F N N V £799
MT44 MkI/MkII S B/C 4/6 F N/2 0/2 N N L £?s/h
MT1X S X 4 F 1 2 N Y L £499

Tape Speed: F - Fast 3¾ips, S - Slow 1⅞ips
Noise Reduction: B - Dolby B, C - Dolby C, X - dbx
Equalisation: F - Fixed two-band, S - Sweepable two-band, N - None
Auxiliary Sends: N - None
Routing: F - Free (Comprehensive), 2 - Two buses, 2 + D - Two buses plus direct O - Other
Bal. mike input: N - No
Batteries: N - No, Y - Yes
Meter Type: L-LEDs, V-VUs

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