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It has often been pointed out (by myself as well as others) that Music Technology lost its natural target area for artist interviews with the demise of the synth duos in the mid-eighties - a situation which wasn't to resolve itself until the arrival of the electronic dance styles a few years later. Now, as the radicalism and innovation which characterised this movement subsides and is (inevitably) absorbed into the mainstream, it might appear we are once again a magazine in search of a musical direction. And yet...

A look back over the past six months of MT's artiste profiles reveals what, by anyone's standards, is an impressive list of musicians: Vince Clarke, Kraftwerk, Jools Holland, Greg Phillinganes, Philip Glass, Fritz McIntyre, 808 State - to name but a few. It's a group sharing little, if any, common musical ground, but one which is bound together through a willingness to embrace technology as the most appropriate tool for the creation of contemporary music.

More than this, it is a group which accurately reflects the eclecticism of the mix 'n' match world of 'nineties pop. Gone are the mass movements which united a nation in its affection for a single artiste or band; gone are the underground movements united against the common enemy of commercialism; gone too is the belief in the future as the most exciting place in which to live. The past, with its excitement neatly packaged and ready for resale seems a far more attractive proposition to audiences mindful of the value of money.

But whatever the negative aspects of the current situation, it at least leaves MT free to wander where it will, musically. It is, clearly, preferable for us to be able to side step the vagaries of fashion and avoid aligning ourselves with any one particular style of music. Only then can we concentrate on the business of securing interviews with artistes because of what they have done, rather than who they are. And rest assured, this is what we will continue to do.

Dedicating himself to the task is MT Music and Reviews Editor, Phil Ward, whose nose for a potential interview and tenacity when dealing with obstructive bouncers is matched only by his ability to spot a promising lig and his resolve when confronted by a full glass. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...

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Music Technology - Copyright: Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


Music Technology - Feb 1993

Editorial by Nigel Lord

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