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See that blur in the air. That's music technology.

It's four miles up, a gale force and moving so fast last week's hot device can be dead chips by the end of the month. One Two Testing is a chance to catch your breath and save your wallet.

For once there's a music magazine that talks about instruments the way you buy them - by comparing, side by side, not one piece of gear but five, ten, twenty until the right item arrives. Think of it as a long look in a shop window. This first issue has an '82 file on synthesisers, more than 40 pages of them, from the lowest priced Casio to the highest flying computer. This cross section study measures facilities, faults and values so you can choose the ideal synth for your fingers and your pocket.

One Two Testing doesn't stop there.

There's news and reviews vital to every musician whatever he plays and wherever he plays it.

Two of the country's most advanced bands discuss their methods and their madness.

We dissect one of the best singles of the year sound by sound and ask the man who wrote it to divulge his control setting secrets.

A repairer's guide maps out where you can get your gear fixed and how much it should cost.

And we've got an epic history of the guitar that makes Crossroads look like real life.

Plus a competition with nearly two thousand pounds worth of prizes.

There's a hand in front of your face and it can make music.

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One Two Testing - Copyright: IPC Magazines Ltd, Northern & Shell Ltd.


One Two Testing - Nov 1982

Donated by: Angelinda


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