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Editor's soapbox, writs will fly!

This month's issue of MUSIC U.K. focuses its attention on demo recording, and particularly the sort of equipment which you can use at home to make really first rate tapes on. During the past few years home demos generally have got better and better and an increasing number of musicians have realised that a good four track cassette demo machine, like the Teac M244, the Studiomaster and the Fostex can enable them to present their bands with songs already worked out and polished. They're also ideal for preparing a whole band's ideas before booking into a multi-track studio and, of course, they have tremendous creative potential for songwriting itself.

If you're one of those musicians who haven't yet looked at the possibilities this amazing field offers then it's perhaps high time you did. The past few months have seen a lot of new equipment brought onto the market — some of it offering value for money which would have been undreamed of even two or three years ago and it's true to say that a whole new area has opened up for today's player.

Going further than the cassette machines, there are quite a few good inexpensive eight and even sixteen track recorders on the market nowadays (see this month's exclusive news from Teac) and a massive range of mikes, mixers and effects units which will enable those adventurous enough to build what amounts to a really good almost professional studio in their own homes. Can you record and release your band's own material on this sort of gear? — yes you most certainly can — and it's a liberation from the high costs of major studios for the smaller band with no record deal.

Local studios too are increasingly capable of obtaining professional quality suitable for release and that's another use of this new equipment. So we hope that the articles and exclusive news and reviews in this issue of MUSIC U.K. does something to inspire you to new endeavours.

Changing the subject entirely, someone asked us recently if we could recommend a small amp suitable for high quality amplification of a synthesiser. After much scratching around we realised that the vast majority of amp makers (both from the U.K. and overseas) seem to have ignored the needs of the growing band of electronic keyboard players for amplification which will handle the tremendous frequency range of the latest synths. Surely there's a market out there and it must be wide-open for someone to get into? Come on, amp makers, let's see what you can come up with!

Finally, a big thanks to all those readers who entered last month's competition to win that superb WAL bass which we were giving away. Even taking into account the rate by which our circulation is growing (and it's growing fast) the response for this bass was tremendous. This month we're switching to amps with a complete line-up of V-Amps, the new British range from a manufacturer who, we predict, is destined for great things. Remember, all you have to do is send in your entry and wait to see the result — there are no tricks, no gimmicks, it's just our way of saying thank you for buying MUSIC U.K..

Many readers though have complained that they don't like cutting-up their copies of the mag to enter competitions, send off for product details etc. That's all very flattering, of course, but it's a shame for you to hold back because of that. Accordingly we're printing a special page this month so that you can use it for those product details, competition entries and whatever without damaging your copies. Nice to know you think that much of us anyway!

Next month we're going to branch out further with yet more reviews on more gear and the usual blend of exclusive news and comment. Why not subscribe or order your copy from your retailer now? We bet you won't be disappointed!

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Music UK - Copyright: Folly Publications


Music UK - Aug 1982

Editorial by Gary Cooper

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