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The staff and publishers of E&MM wish all their readers a prosperous New Year filled with music making.

1983 promises to be a year that puts micro-based music as an important growth area for the music industry. The continuous outpouring of keyboard instruments from a wide spectrum of manufacturers, including major hi-fi companies as well as micro VDU software using keyboard displays, will prompt different types of instruments to appear so that the techniques of wind, string, percussion players and vocalists can be utilised. Low cost sound sampling will be the next big step forward — not to put any musician out of work, but to enable the use of any sound as a compositional tool.

Always the trend in cost is downwards so that the general consumer market can join in selling music making for all. The commercial pop world reflects the successful use of inexpensive portable instruments to make chart hits. Nevertheless, the general eagerness of musicians (and dealers in instruments) to keep up-to-date has meant that acquiring knowledge and learning skills of the practical and technical side of instruments is of increasing importance. This is overwhelmingly confirmed by the strong growth of our readership, not just in the UK, but in major countries, notably USA, Australia and W. Germany.

Looking back on our projects, there is no doubt that many of E&MM's designs put ideas for creative music making into practice — such as the Syntom, Synwave, Synclock, Hexadrum, Wordmaker, Electric Drummer, Panolo, Transpozer and Micromusic series. We continue to bring low cost designs with this month's exciting Synblo breath controller for any electronic instrument, and we'll be expanding our contents to include our music workshops and features more regularly.

NEXT MONTH you'll find an 'exclusive' interview with Tomita from Japan, an in-depth review of the Synclavier, discussions with the PPG designers, and projects that include Synbal, Caltune and Amdek's stereo 6-channel mixer.

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Electronics & Music Maker - Jan 1983

Editorial by Mike Beecher

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