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Enter the Age of Talking Computers!

It is always exciting for a magazine such as ourselves to produce a new project with an established electronics company. In this way, E&MM can provide designs that utilise the latest technology that normally would only be implemented in commercial products.

This should be of great benefit to our readers and our main project this month is the result of such a venture with Texas Instruments Limited at Bedford.

The 'Wordmaker' has so many applications that I shall await with great interest the suggestions and ideas that come from our readers. In the home, monitoring of information via hidden speakers in rooms — as well as talking games; in the car, warnings can be heard without taking your eyes off the road; in the studio and workshop, electronic control data can be vocally transmitted; and in the factory or office, messages can be announced.

The electro-musician looking for new sounds to compose with will have plenty of fun 'mis-using' word addresses to create original vocal textures at different speeds.

In these early days of the magazine's growth, we are always looking for areas in electronics, computing and in particular, electro-music that would be of direct interest to our readers.

Our reviews, for instance, aim to provide the design engineer as well as the musician with new specifications and applications of electronic musical instruments — whether player or computer orientated — and the Fairlight CMI should inform you of the state-of-art system at present. There are plenty of developments taking place along the lines of the Fairlight and we shall be looking at these in due course.

Another new feature this month is the review of an electronic music lecture and we invite readers who attend an informative lecture or concert to submit their own summary of the event (along with some photos).

Finally, on a general note, E&MM is now reaching many parts of the world and I must personally give my thanks for the tremendous encouragement and enthusiasm from our readers and from many companies in the electronics and music industries.

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The Wordmaker

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Electronics & Music Maker - Jun 1981

Editorial by Mike Beecher

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