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IT Goes Monthly - Ed. Explains

Caught you by surprise there, didn't we? Just when you were thinking that your next free copy of IN TUNE would probably reach you some time late in the New Year you've discovered this bumper Xmas issue landing on your doormat! Well, the good news is that we really are on schedule now for regular monthly publication — which means there's going to be even less need for you to have to spend your hard earned gig-money buying other publications during 1987! Yes, from now on you'll be receiving your copies of IT every month, and we're still dedicated to our unique free 'to your front door' distribution method. Even better, IT's expanding! Because we've taken on several expert new writers you'll be seeing a far wider rage of instruments and equipment covered in our future reviews. We'll still be entirely dedicated to the needs of the playing, recording and practising musician, but you can expect to see not only more widespread, but more 'in depth' coverage in next year's issues.

Two very typical examples of the sort of things that we have planned for you in the New Year can be found inside this issue. Firstly, our noted keyboard scribe Julian Colbeck has prepared a very practical, down to earth guide to MIDI. We've had an enormous number of requests for a feature like this, both from experienced players who missed out on the basics of this complex subject when it first appeared on the scene, as well as from younger musicians who find coverage of MIDI elsewhere assumes far more basic MIDI knowledge than they've been able to gather. Julian has set out to answer all those MIDI questions which are still puzzling so many of you, and we think he's really succeeded. Julian's basic guide will be followed by a logical, easy to follow expansion on the subject in an issue of IT destined to appear in the near future.

Guitar playing readers, on the other hand, have frequently lamented the passing of our Making It series which we began a couple of years ago before our contributor, Overwater's Chris May, found his business growing so fast that he ran out of time to continue it. Since then we've been looking for a suitably qualified (demented?) victim to undertake the difficult task of taking us through guitar craftsmanship, from simple repairs to complete building from scratch. We've found the ideal man at last, in Paul Richardson, the craftsman behind those excellent Fingerbone guitars and basses. Paul begins his series, Plane Speaking, this month, and I'm sure that all you guitar and bass fans will love it to bits!

As you might well imagine, our regular free entry competitions are among the most popular IT features, and we're definitely going to keeping them running - and how! In fact, as well as this issue's great 'Win a Casio keyboard' competition, it seems that you know who' has appropriated his own page this month to run a special IT Cat/Beano-style 'Xmas Fun Competition'. As the fabulous feline says: 'Show me a musician who's not half bonkers and a kid at heart and I'll show you an off-duty synthesiser salesman!'. The IT Cat's lined up loads of great prizes for this one, and I hope you have as much fun puzzling out the answers as he's had setting booby traps around the office in case Father Xmas happens to call by on the 25th! Talking of the furry fiend and matters festive, I'm under strict instructions from His Majesty to wish you all a wonderful Xmas and a truly fabulous New Year. He didn't really need to tell me to say that, honestly — because, of course, the very best wishes come from the entire IN TUNE team.

See you next year!

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In Tune - Copyright: Moving Music Ltd.


In Tune - Dec 1986

Donated by: Gordon Reid

Editorial by Gary Cooper

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