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New products from the music business

Chase CBP2 Bass Pedals

Chase Musicians have introduced their CBP2 Bass Pedal Synthesiser. Selling for £299, it features 13 note pedalboard, Envelope Filter Control, Waveform Selector, Resonance Control, Sustain On/Off and length. The price includes a cover and there's a built-in carrying handle. Details from Chase Musicians, (Contact Details).

Klark-Teknik's new graphic equalisers are designed around their proprietary active filter circuits. Each 300 series equaliser has a five-year warranty; the DN 300 has 45 one-third octave faders controlling plus or minus 12 dB of boost or cut, the DN 301 is an attenuating equaliser having 15 dB cut only; the DN 332 is a dual channel 2/3 octave graphic with input overload LED; and the DN 360 is a dual channel one-third octave model with 6 or 12 dB boost or cut Further details from Klark-Teknik, (Contact Details).

TOA Electronics introduce the TOA V Series PA system, a modular construction system for background music, paging and multi programme broadcasting. The series has 14 interchangeable modules, including microphone and phono preamps, radio tuners, programme selectors and line amplifiers; user programming allows priority of different inputs to be preselected, allowing total flexibility. Contact TOA Electronics, (Contact Details).

Pioneer S-1010 speakers.

Pioneer's 'S-Series' speaker systems are described as the first specifically designed to complement the new digital audio technology. Using polymer graphite cones and beryllium ribbon tweeters, they range from the 90W S-310 to the 240W S-1010. Prices are from £134.90 to £619.90 per pair. Details from Pioneer GB, (Contact Details).

Bohm Starsound organ

We've received the following press release from Swankit Instruments.

"As more and more people turn to home music making as a hobby and the interest in home computers and electronics continues to grow, the introduction of a range of home-build electronic organs into this country can now give you two hobbies in one - the enjoyment of putting together your own instrument from a set of easy to assemble kits, and the thrill of playing your completed organ afterwards. As an added bonus, you also save money when comparing the cost of a set of kits against the cost of a comparable commercially made instrument.

The proprietor of Swankit Instruments is Graham Watkins, who is a keen amateur organist. His love of music and electronics made the promotion of these kits a natural choice when he decided to start his own business, and already he is finding that these organs are creating a lot of interest from music lovers all over the country."

Further details from Swankit Instruments, (Contact Details).

One of the new Multivox 'singing machines', a combination of cassette deck, PA and microphone mixer based on the Japanese craze of 'Karaoke'. Details from Multivox, (Contact Details).

Revox are to launch two new products to replace the B750 Amplifier and B760 Tuner. It will be nearly six years since the B700 series was introduced, and so the arrival of the B251 Integrated Amplifier and the B261 Tuner is quite an event.

Designed with the performance capability of the compact disc in mind, the B251 uses the very latest electronic technology. It has an active volume control using CMOS D/A converters, a heat pipe for efficient cooling, switched mode power supplies, two microprocessors for comprehensive input and output programming, and other important features. Special attention is paid to the signal to noise ratio, which reaches its optimum 96dB at only 5 Watts output. Power is 100W per channel R.M.S. into 4 ohms.

Maintaining the reputation of Studer Revox for producing fine tuners, the B261 offers important improvements over the B760. Microprocessor control enables twenty pre-set frequencies to be stored with accompanying station identification, tuning resolution to 12.5 KHz, two antenna inputs and much more.

Both the B251 and B251 can be infra-red remote controlled and using the same transmitter all other current Revox products will be catered for. Prices will be announced.

For more information, contact: F.W.O. Bauch Limited, (Contact Details).

Following hard on the heels of the successful Arion tuners, FCN Music have recently launched the new range of Arion PX Amplifiers. Initially the range is made up of four models. The PX-05 is a powerful 5W RMS practice amp with push/pull overdrive on the volume control, separate treble and bass controls, high and low input jacks and headphone jack. The PX-15 comes in three versions, lead, bass and keyboard. 15W RMS with overdrive and reverb on the lead version; separate master volume, treble and bass controls, headphone and line out jacks. The bass model features a heavy duty speaker, separate bass, middle and treble controls, while the keyboard amp is compatible with virtually all makes on the market. All Arion amps are built to withstand the tough life on the road whilst retaining a fresh modern appearance. Prices are £59.95 RRP for PX-05 and £89.95 RRP for PX-15 all models. For more information contact FCN Music, (Contact Details).

Muzix 81 is a compositional programme for the ZX81 written by the Szalay brothers for Gabor Presser of LGT (see the feature in April 1983). Pictured at the Frankfurt music show, one of the inventors with a representative (left) from Hungary's top rock band, Omega.

Further details Andrew A. Szalay, (Contact Details).

A special fast-turnaround, high quality photographic processing service, which will cut the cost of producing record album covers has been introduced by W. Photoprint Limited.

The service means record companies can avoid the high cost of retouching transparencies for album sleeve reproduction. W. Photoprint Limited has installed a Cibachrome P3 system which can provide prints to colour corrected standard of the highest quality in just a six-hour turnaround - backed by a free collection and delivery service in London. The prints, which can be enlarged up to 24" x 20" from 35mm, can then if necessary be easily retouched, and another transparency made. This avoids the extremely expensive and difficult task of retouching direct on to a transparency.

Cibachrome process for LP sleeves

W. Photoprint introduced the service following increasing demand for fast turnaround print processing from record companies such as RCA and CBS. Further details from AMPR, (Contact Details).

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Electronics & Music Maker - Jul 1983


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