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New Products - Frankfurt Musik Messe

This month we are devoting the new products and news page to a brief look at some of the exciting musical items at the Frankfurt Music Fair, held from 13th-17th February. We shall of course be reviewing in detail specific equipment and instruments in forthcoming issues.

Rose-Morris will be showing the new range of Vox guitars and amplifiers. There are eight guitars in the range from the low priced Standards to the Customs (two of which were reviewed in the December issue of E&MM, the Custom 25 and Custom Bass) and two long scale basses. These guitars feature Di Marzio pickups and ate available in both popular scale lengths, 24¾" and 25½".

Along with the existing range of Vox amps and pedal effects devices there will be some new products at the show. In addition to the AC30 (also reviewed in the December issue of E&MM) will be the V15 15W, all valve combo which has two 10" speakers, the 20W Micro-combo, the Escort Supertwin reverb, the Escort 50W bass combo, and the 125W lead and bass stacks featuring all valve construction and active equalisation.

For further information contact: (Contact Details).

Roland will be exhibiting a large number of new products including the TR606 Drumatix Compu Rhythm machine reviewed in last month's E&MM. Other newly released items are: the SDE-2000 Digital Delay which has a 0-640ms delay time allowing many delay effects, e.g. flanger, chorus, echo etc; the HP60 'Piano Plus' five octave keyboard which has a touch control for piano or organ reaction, a sustain control, and tone selections for piano and harpsichord; the HP70 'Piano Plus' six octave version of the HP60 plus a chorus effect; the EP11 'Piano Plus' five octave keyboard with auto play and rhythm sections.

Scheduled for release during March are the TR303 'Bassline' programmable bass machine; the Spirit 10, Spirit 30 Bass and Spirit 50 Bass amplifiers rated at 10W for guitar, 30W for bass guitar and 50W also for bass guitar respectively; the KM-04 Boss compact 4 channel mixer.

In addition there will be three prototypes on show: a Bolt-10C Tube Guitar amplifier; Juno-6 six voice polyphonic synthesiser; and the SCC-700 Compu Patch Memory for the Boss compact pedal range.

Roland (UK) Ltd, (Contact Details).

Fane Acoustic Ltd, will be introducing some additions to their Studio Professional series of hand built speakers. Included will be 10", 12" and 15" instrument models, a 10" mid range and a new horn drive unit. All models are 200W rating and complement the existing Studio 12 and 15 and the HF250 Bullet tweeters used in E&MMs Power 200 Speakers project this month.

Also on view will be examples from the Crescendo, Classic and Specialist ranges. All models are available in Germany from Adam Hall GMBH, (Contact Details).

For further information contact: Fane Acoustics Ltd., (Contact Details).

The remaining items mentioned here are all handled by Musimex and if any further information is required contact: (Contact Details).

John Burns guitars will be showing the re-designed Marvin and Bison plus the budget Magpie II and bass and Steer semi solid.

Trace Elliot, the bass amplification people, will be present with their full range of pre-amps, amps, speaker cabinets and combo amps. Two pre amps are available, the GP11 Graphic and the PP33 Parametric. Two amplifiers with the choice of either preamp built-in; the AH250 giving a single channel 250W RMS into 4 ohms and the AH500 giving two channels of 250W RMS into 4 ohms. A variety of speaker cabinets and three combo amps which may have either of the pre-amps fitted; the 1501 which delivers 150W in a single 15" speaker, the 1008, 250W into eight 10" speakers, and the 1812 Stack delivering a total of 400W into a three speaker system.

Coles Electroacoustics Ltd will be at Frankfurt for the first time showing the 4160 Cardioid Dynamic Microphone.

Session Amplification will be unveiling two new models, the Sessionette 75 and 125 as well as showing the Session 15:30 Deluxe Studio Combo, an entirely valve amp. They will also have the PM:120/A and PM:120/S Guitar Monitor Systems which are solid state power amps. They plug into the 0dB record socket on the 15:30 and re-amplify the sound of the valve amp. Session claim that there is virtually no limit to the number that can be connected and as an example are about to supply Jethro Tull's Martin Barre with an 870W system.

The Music People Inc. will be announcing some new items at the fair as well as showing their Tune-Up stroboscopic tuning device for stringed instruments, wide range of high quality cables, Headgear HG101 headphones, and the Network system of add-on units which boost and treat the output of any normal electric guitar.

Alembic will be exhibiting their 'Distillate' base guitars and the Custom 8 String (built for John Paul Jones of Led Zepplin) which have battery powered active mono pickups.

Tubby Drums will be showing their drum microphone pickup concept at Frankfurt for the first time. The system comprises a pickup and pre-amp/power supply to give good separation between drums, high immunity to feedback, ambient sound, no awkward mic stands and, of course, that Tubby Drum sound.

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