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Yamaha have just released a new Portasound multi-programmable stereo keyboard. The 49-key MK100 uses the latest digital technology to provide a versatile instrument that includes user-programmable sounds as well as presets, a rhythm machine and auto bass accompaniment. All sounds can be stored in the unit's 3.2Kbyte memory, and songs can be recorded and played back on a built-in two-track recorder.

Further information from Yamaha, (Contact Details).

In response to considerable demand, Court Acoustics have supplemented their range with three new graphic equalisers. The GE30 is a single-channel 30 band unit with 60mm travel faders, and allows precise control over the audio spectrum.

The GE1515 stereo graphic provides two channels with 15 bands on each, and is particularly suited to stereo PA or disco use, while in the GE1515X, Court have produced a similar unit to the GE1515 but have included a two-way electronic crossover.

Information from Court Acoustics Sales Ltd, (Contact Details).

A new instrument from British company SynthAxe is not a guitar, or a guitar synth. It is in fact a control interface that allows the guitarist to use his playing skills to exploit the performance capabilities of a polyphonic synthesiser.

The SynthAxe is expected to be available in limited numbers this summer, though the initial cost wil be high due to the research and development investment. The instrument will operate via the MIDI system, while details of other interfaces can be obtained from the manufacturer.

The SynthAxe utilises two sets of strings. The set in the normal neck position is for pitch information, while an additional set situated where the pickups would normally be handles string plucking information.

Innovative circuit design enables the nuances of the left-hand technique to be accurately interpreted by the system, whilst dynamic picking information is derived from the trigger strings and a variety of performance control keys built into the body; these keys allow control over effects such as sustain and vibrato. Tuning is digitally derived and is in no way related to the actual string tension.

As not all MIDI machines are capable of interpreting the full facilities offered by this instrument, SynthAxe will be supplying a continually updated list of suitable synthesisers which can be controlled by the guitar.

Further information from SynthAxe Ltd., (Contact Details).

The Inpulse One drum computer previewed in the March edition of E&MM is now in full production. Manufactured by Allen and Heath Brenell, this machine may be played in real time via eight pads or may be programmed in real or step time. The storage memory will hold 15 songs composed of up to 999 bars, which in turn are derived from 99 patterns. 16 digital sounds are available, eight in ROM and eight reloadable from cassette.

For further information contact Allen and Heath Brenell, (Contact Details)

LEMI of Italy have introduced a MIDI interface board which fits into one of the expansion connectors on the Apple computer. This board enables the user to control MIDI synthesisers as well as providing an input for an external clock control. Software includes the AMP 83 real and step time polyphonic sequencer, with digital echo, display for presets and musical notation programs being currently under development.

The same company has also announced the Masterclock, a versatile rhythm controller to drive and control the majority of drum machines and sequencers simultaneously. Features are digital tempo readout, 3 to 400 beats per minute, selectable arpeggio with delay and gate, and sync to and from tape. Details from, LEMI, (Contact Details).

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