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The latest offering from Yamaha and Roland plus details of Atari's first sponsorship deal

Atari Corporation Sponsor Julia Fordham Tour

Julia Fordham's second album Porcelain was released by Circa Records on October 9th and her currently running tour - October 25 to November 17 - is being sponsored by Atari Corporation.

Bob Gleadow, Managing Director of Atari Corporation (UK) said "We have chosen an association with Julia for a number of reasons. Julia's audience consists of the more perceptive adult: album and CD buying, technically minded and intelligent - just the sort of people likely to be impressed with the Atari computer range... More musicians use Atari for composition and production than any other system. This, our first venture into music sponsorship in Europe, will help us introduce the power and versatility of our equipment to a much wider audience and will form the basis of a planned, longer term relationship with the music industry."

Contact: The Fitzroy Company

New noises from Ampsound

Ampsound are now the sole distributors for Esoteric Audio Research products within the UK. Their products include EAR Valve Microphone, EAR Microphone Amplifiers, EAR 822Q and 823MQ Equalisers, and the EAR 660 Limiter/Compressor Amplifier. They have also been named as the main agents for Soundcraft studio mixing consoles.

Ampsound will also be handling the latest Control Series Monitors from JBL. These monitors can be heard in the Ampsound's demonstration suite at their St Albans premises. Also at the demonstration suite you can see the A-616 Armadillo's 16-bit sampling package and Pandora's new package !Inspiration.

At the Hands On 5how 1989 Ampsound will be situated in the Great Hall Foyer and you can see demonstrations of Armadillo 8 and 16-bit samplers and Pandoras !Inspiration sequencer, as well as many JBL Series Monitors and effects units.

Ampsound will be the sole distributors for a new range of professional audio products. All the units carry a 5-year warranty and excl VAT prices begin at £120 for an exciter/preamp. Detailed brochures are available.

Ampsound can now offer rapid servicing of Fostex recorders, due to the appointment of an in-house engineer solely for this purpose.

Contact: Ampsound (Contact Details)

The Computer Music Learning Centre

EMR have announced the first Computer Music Learning Centre in the UK. The centre will be equipped with a wide range of the latest MIDI instruments, video and computers. Based in Southend, Essex it will offer the opportunity to gain first hand experience of using EMR's music software and hardware.

Initially, the course will be one-day for beginners and more experienced users during holiday periods and weekends. The courses will be under the direction of Mike Beecher LRAM, GRSM. He has had past experience as director of a large Essex music school and first London Synthesizer School, creator of Electronics and Music Maker (now Music Technology) and Home Recording magazines, he has also designed the software you'll be using.

Applications for courses are now being taken and these will commence over the Christmas period.

Contact: EMR CMLC (Contact Details)

What's new from MCMXCIX

MCM have a number of pieces of news. Firstly, on the Amiga front, Dr.T have announced a 1.7 update for the KCS and KCS Lev II. Current owners can upgrade for £30 direct with MCM.

Dr.T are also launching an entry level version of their notation package called Copyist Apprentice. It offers 16 staves per page and 5 pages per score, full cut, copy, paste. The price will be £79.95 and for the professional version £225.00.

The first SMPTE/MIDI interface, Phantom, dedicated to the Amiga is now available. Again from Dr.T, it supports all frames of SMPTE, with bit accuracy this unit will also operate as a MIDI interface. Phantom will cost £249.00.

Following on from the success of TIGER (reviewed in this issue) a cut down version of this graphic editing package has just been released. TIGER Cub, as it is to be known also has a basic 12 track sequencer and scorewriting printout facilities all for £90! Should hit the streets for the ST and the Amiga before Christmas.

For the Atari ST, three new products have been announced. Hit Man is a powerful film scoring tool from Dr.T. It has full SMPTE event listing and SMPTE times can be specific for each event in the cue list, there is a complete tempo map, multiple time signatures, it also has real time MIDI input of hits with ability to adjust the events afterwards, tap tempo, SMPTE offset and much more. Hit Man will sell for £199.00.

The Dr.T Bulletin Board is a special number in the States where you can find answers to problems and even download bug fixing versions of programmes. The telephone number is (Contact Details), key in to "Professionals On Line" then Dr.T station.

Latest X-OR Profiles to the generic editor/librarians include Matrix 12, Expander, DMP-7. The new librarians only include MKS-70 Super JX, DX-100, MX-8, Multiverb, SPX 90II, PCM-70. These are available from MCM free.

Encore Mac is a simple to use composing programme which offers 64 parts with real time MIDI input. It is Laser writer and post script compatible and costs £399.00.

Master Tracks Pro IBM is already a proven product on the Atari, Amiga, and the Mac, and is now available on the IBM. It offers 64 tracks with full graphic editing, SMPTE compatibility and is priced at £325.00.

Contact: MCMXCIX (Contact Details)

The sound of the 90s?

Yamaha recently announced their long awaited successor to FM synthesis - namely RCM, or Realtime Convolution Modulation which has been designed over the last couple of years to combine the realism of sampling with the expressiveness of FM but with a good deal more programmability thrown in for good measure.

First exponents of this new architecture are the SY-77 keyboard and the TG-55 rack module. Both units feature 16 voice multi-timbrality and 16 note polyphony and sport four separate effect processors.

The keyboard version also has a 16 track sequencer on board with a 16,000 event capacity and additional 16 voices worth of AFM sound (they certainly like the number 16 don't they!).

The sounds are very impressive and score over other such products in the tweakability stakes.

Both the SY-77 priced at £2000 and the TG-55 at £700 should be available in the new year.

Contact Yamaha (Contact Details)

Class of the 90's

The new Class of the 90's by Commodore for use with the Amiga 500, includes an educational package which includes 8 track, full editing MIDI system which allows you to cut, copy, paste, transpose and print hard copy. The entire package, which includes other programs such as art, word processing, desktop publishing, database, and spreadsheets, will hopefully be used in many schools around the country. The package will cost £499.00 excl VAT.

Contact: Commodore Educational Department (Contact Details)

Tonic Audio announce two new upgrades for the Atari ST

Tonic Audio have announced two upgrades for the Atari ST. The first is for the 520 ST, which can now be upgraded to a full 1 meg or 2.5 meg. If the 2.5 meg cannot be afforded, the user can upgrade to 1 meg first and then return the ST to Tonic Audio at a later date to upgrade to 2.5 meg. The second is the 1040 ST which can be upgraded to 2.5 in one step.

The cost of these upgrades are, for the 520 to 1 meg upgrade £120.00 inc fitting, return carriage, and VAT, for the 520 to 2.5 meg £320.00, a 520 previously upgraded to 1 meg by Tonic Audio will cost £270.00 to upgrade to 2.5 meg, and the 1040 to 2.5 meg upgrade costs £320.00.

The upgrade can be done on all versions of the 520 and 1040 even with TOS v1.4 and turn around is usually a week.

Contact: Tonic Audio (Contact Details)

Fed up with the Filofax! Try Voxel's MusicBase

Voxel, a new name to the British computer scene, have just announced their first foray into the Music Industry. Forget the Personal Organiser! Initially for the Atari ST MusicBase is a database application for the music industry. An electronic storage and retrieval database/directory of names, addresses and contacts, suppliers and services. It also is an invaluable aid to tracing and cross-referencing sources where initial information about a contact may be incomplete. MusicBase can be updated easily and regularly and can be customised for the user.

With the arrival of Atari's Stacy portable ST, MusicBase should be interesting to musicians and managers working on the road as well as in the studio, office or from home.

The MusicBase from Voxel will be available in December and will retail at £39.95

Contact: Voxel Software (Contact Details)

XRI Systems announce the new XR-400 MIDI Mate

The XR-400 MIDI Mate is an automatic MIDI routing controller, which is rackmounted. It features 3 way merging of controllers, 11 MIDI THRUputs, all playable from any 3 of the 5 inputs provided. One MIDI input and one output are front panel mounted to allow easy access for MIDI devices not permanently connected, and information is analysed, merged and routed automatically.

Contact: XRI Systems (Contact Details)

Intermezzo offer a new concept in music teaching

In September Intermezzo launched its first music studio in Canterbury. Modern technology has been linked to the skills of professional music teachers to provide a revolutionary concept in music teaching. They have superb computerised facilities and their main aim is to fire the musical imagination of their pupils.

Courses are available for beginners - adults and children alike - and for more experienced players. Pupils can study both Classical and Modern music, including techniques of composition and arrangement. None of the classes have more than eight pupils, which means there is a lot of time for one to one tuition.

Intermezzo will be backed by Nicholas Scott and Paul Webber and run by Principal Chris Elves and Musical Director Terry Clark.

Contact: Intermezzo (Contact Details)

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