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On Tape

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1. Miracle Mix The Ambient Corporation.

© Graeme Robinson.

2. Casio CZ101

Casio's top European demonstrator Hans Dreyer puts his company's ground-breaking digital synth through its paces.

3. Wind Up Various

a) Semplice Fortissimo Yrx
© Land of Yrx Products

b) Hidden Mysteries
© Andy Carter

4. River Journeys

© Steve Marshall
Our System piece features music originally composed for television, demonstrating a balance between human (on DX7) and machine (The SH101 in sequencer mode).

5. Drumcheck.

A cheap and flexible way into electro percussion: The Paragon and Klone Dual stand-alone drum-synth modules, together with the TED Digisound Bass Drum module. First heard on their own...

6. Ax Attack

© Jim Betteridge
...and then with the new Akai polysynth, recorded on Akai's new 1212 Channel Mixer/Recorder.

7. The Groove Paul Wiffin

© P. Wiffen
Take two for the top-flight mono OSCar now with MIDI and improved software. A selection of its sounds, followed by The Groove.

8. U.MU.U. Bruce Gilbert

© Mute Records
Art punk pioneer with a piece from the L.P. Or So it Seems

9 Samples Tangerine Dream

© Tangerine Dream
A piece by top synth pioneers Tangerine Dream, demonstrating the way they have incorporated recent sampling techniques into their familiar sound and its conclusion in No Man's Land.

10. Roland TR707

Digital drum-bashing from Roland's big-feature, low-cost machine.

11. On the Cheap

© Curtis Schwartz
Featuring the combined forces of Tascam's Porta-One Ministudio, and Korg's Dynamic Duo — The Super Drums and Super Percussion Digital rhythm machines. Old faithful the SH101 lends melodic support, a budget PZM handles the vocals of Colin Farley.

12. Wind Up II.

b) Zero In Train Of Events

13. Let's Emulate. Emu II

The new, improved Emulator II is largely responsible for Depeche Mode's hit-making 'hard' sound. Here's a taste of what it can do.

14. The Beeb Beat. Chris Jenkins

Record company Island's first venture into software, with their impressive icon-controlled Island Logic software.

15. Reprisal Neuronium

© Neuronium Music
Top European band Neuronium captured live at this year's U.K. Electronica.

Recorded at Heath Levy Publishing on:

Multitrack: 3-M 16 Track M56
Mastering: ¼" Studer B67.
Mixing: Rainderk Desk.
Monitoring: Tannoy Reds
Mics: Neumann, AKG, Shure, Sennheiser
Effects: AKG Plate Reverb, Korg D.D.L. 's.
Additional: Revox A77, B77 ¼" machines.

A big thanks to Heath Levy for all their help.
Thanks also to: Tangerine Dream, Paul Wiffen, Jim Betteridge, Bruce Gilbert.

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Lead Lines

Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Music - Copyright: Cover Publications Ltd, Northern & Shell Ltd.


Electronic Soundmaker - Jan 1985

Donated & scanned by: Mike Gorman


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> Lead Lines

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