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One Two Tightened

Short snaps plus manufacturers and distributers.

"Probably 70 percent of the electric guitars sold in the world in the last three years have been Stratocaster-style. I wish they'd all been ours," so sayeth Mr Dan Smith, Director-marketing of Fender Musical Instruments at Feb's Frankfurt show. There goes an honest man. (P54)

"George, right, in the final mixes, sometimes you play one second of it and he goes 'I hate it, I hate it.' He did that with 'Stormkeeper' so we just put a tiny little bit of reverb on the whole track to make it sound live and he said 'yeah, that's great'. Maybe that's what he wanted." The politics of mixing, as explained by a member of the Club. (P48)

Honeybone attacks the new terminologists: "As if the British Brochure Browser is not confused enough in the search for a drum machine, he/she now has to know how many 'events' there are in a song (dry ice for the first verse, inflatable donuts for the chorus)?" Careful with that jam, Eugene. (P34)

How much did YOU pay for a programmable synth, and what does it mean to Sequential Circuits' designer John Bowen: "It's true that most people never change the factory settings on their Prophets, the figure is higher than 80 percent. I'm very surprised at that."

"Steve Levine is the only guy in the world with a 24 second AMS... he ordered it... it cost 24 grand... that's a grand a second. It's f.... amazing." Has Jon Moss just predicted the death of the tape recorder? (P48)

Six string tutor Billy Jenkins puts the session musician out of a job: "Incidentally, talking of tonics, roots and octaves, etc, musical vocabulary is like legal jargon – it's designed to confuse the layman, thereby needing the consultation of a professional. It's doublespeak designed to protect the species." Er, Billy, aren't you a session musician??? (P32)

"Rival gangs of Mods and Rockers were creating outrage and sensation every bank holiday, and Keith Moon was doing the same for drummers every time The Who appeared on TV. Suddenly the bloke at the back, formerly confined to the role of the nodding buffoon, was transformed into a wild, thrashing madman." Andy Duncan says it for My (His/Your/Our) Generation. (P68)

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One Two Testing - Apr 1984


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