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On this month's RE:MIX mixed-mode CD...

Article from The Mix, September 1994

The words behind the sounds on this month’s CD and CD-ROM

About re:mix

Re:Mix combines normal CD audio with software readable by a computer's or sampler's CD-ROM drive. The software will not harm your CD player, but it may make an unpleasant sound. So if you value your speakers, don't play Track 1! Most modern CD-ROM drives can also play audio CDs, so computer users get the best of both worlds. And don't worry about compatibility. Your CD-ROM drive - Mac or PC - will simply recognise compatible files and allow you to open only those files.

Track by Track

Software section


Brass Supersection
MIDI files For an instant brass solo or horn section, look no further than these MIDI files. A selection of riffs which you can use in conjunction with the brass samples on the audio CD.

G-Vox video demo
This month, Mac users get the opportunity to sample this complete notation and sequencing instructional 'video' for guitarists. See what the G-Vox system has to offer you.

Opcode Claire
Personal music tuition with a human touch. Claire features all the functions necessary to get your playing techniques up to standard, and doesn't wince when you play or sing a flat note. A Demo version of the software reviewed by Ian Waugh on pages 66-67.


Brass Supersection
MIDI files PC owners need not miss out on some fantastic-sounding brass riffs. They're all here in the PC partition, too.

Voyetra Audioview
Among a slideshow of Voyetra products is a demonstration of the Audioview direct-to-disk recording software. See page 46 for Ian Waugh's review of this comprehensive Windows-based sound editor.

Cakewalk Home Studio
A demo version of this entry-level sequencing package that contains many of the features of the Professional edition, but at a more affordable price.

Audio section

The smooth tones of MC Magnus introduce this month's batch of goodies...

The first of our unsigned acts this month brings the technique of blending programmed drums with real guitar and vocal to a song that's both eloquent and rich. Read the review in Rough Mix on page 174.

A choice selection of vocal styles that will embellish any instrumental musical performance. Well, it saves hiring a vocalist at any rate. For a full review, see ToolBox on page 132.

Squishing bass sounds and resonating synth bleeps protrude from this diminutive, brightly-coloured box of tricks. Hear what the BassStation is really capable of, then read about it on page 78.

Steve Jansen

Three former members of Japan present an exclusive remix of the title track of their recent album. It's the first album on their own label, 'Medium'. See Mixing It! for a full bulletin.

A varied collection of samples from a CD that's an all-round music production tool, containing everything from loops to synths. For the full lowdown, see ToolBox starting page 132.

Another of those helpful tutorials by Bob Dormon. This month it's all you need to know about using compressors. Pages 158-163 contain the accompanying text.

An exclusive edit of a marathon ambient track featured on Paul Frankland's debut album for T:me Recording.

It's all very well knowing what it does, but how does it sound? Our ART delay unit demo puts all your queries to rest. The accompanying review is on page 68.

A collection of brass sounds for you to sample and use, with or without the accompanying MIDI files on CD-ROM. Just what you need for the ultimate-sounding brass section. See ToolBox, page 132 for our review.

Nestling in the pages of Rough Mix is the review of this exuberant track from this Oxford-based band. Just one of the many musical genres featured on their CD.

Fast Faction

Signing off this month's Re:Mix CD is a track by analogue-mad trio, Flash Faction. An exclusive remix of their debut single, and just a taster of what's to come from this Berwick Street Studio-based band.

Tracks 4-16 and 36-48 courtesy Time + Space
Track 18 courtesy Medium Productions
Tracks 19-31 courtesy AIM Productions
Track 50 courtesy Labello Trax
This compilation ©1994 MMP Music Ltd. All rights reserved.

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Medium rare

Publisher: The Mix - Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.

The current copyright owner/s of this content may differ from the originally published copyright notice.
More details on copyright ownership...


The Mix - Sep 1994

Donated by: Colin Potter

Coverdisc: Mike Gorman

Re:Mix #3 Tracklisting:

02 Introduction
03 Perfect World: The Storm
04 Hallelujah! sample 1
05 Hallelujah! sample 2
06 Hallelujah! sample 3
07 Hallelujah! sample 4
08 Hallelujah! sample 5
09 Hallelujah! sample 6
10 Hallelujah! sample 7
11 Hallelujah! sample 8
12 Hallelujah! sample 9
13 Hallelujah! sample 10
14 Hallelujah! sample 11
15 Hallelujah! sample 12
16 Hallelujah! sample 13
17 Review - Novation Bass Station
18 Jansen Barbieri Karn: Beginning to Melt
19 Music Producer samples 1
20 Music Producer samples 2
21 Music Producer samples 3
22 Music Producer samples 4
23 Music Producer samples 5
24 Music Producer samples 6
25 Music Producer samples 7
26 Music Producer samples 8
27 Music Producer samples 9
28 Music Producer samples 10
29 Music Producer samples 11
30 Music Producer samples 12
31 Music Producer samples 13
32 Compression Tutorial 1
33 Compression Tutorial 2
34 Woob: Odonna
35 Review - ART DXR digital delay
36 Supersection brass samples 1
37 Supersection brass samples 2
38 Supersection brass samples 3
39 Supersection brass samples 4
40 Supersection brass samples 5
41 Supersection brass samples 6
42 Supersection brass samples 7
43 Supersection brass samples 8
44 Supersection brass samples 9
45 Supersection brass samples 10
46 Supersection brass samples 11
47 Supersection brass samples 12
48 Supersection brass samples 13
49 Iron Clown: The Kiss
50 Flash Faction: Robot Criminal

This disk has been archived in full and disk images and further downloads are available at - Re:Mix #3.


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