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Who's using what

A breakdown of the gear that will be on stage at the Jazz and Blues festival at Reading this year.

The Reading festival stands alone among festivals for its consistent appearance in the pop calendar. Here we look at the equipment some of the headlining acts will be relying on to reproduce their performance.

28 bins : 4 Electrosound W Bins, housing 1 x 18 speakers; 12 Electrosound folded horn bins with 2 x 15" Gauss speakers; 12 mid-bass cabs with 4 x 12" Altec drivers, 120 watts per speaker 10 Altec 329 horns, 2 290E drivers in each horn; 20 HF units with 2 vitavox 100 watt drivers on 4 K horn mouths

Amcron amps and electro sound monitors, adding up to 20,000 watts; a selection of Shure, AKG and Neumann mikes, two Electrosound mixers with 24 track with 12 switch able Eqs per channel

4 JBL Long Throws, with two 2482 drivers at 120 watt in each

4 Echo reverb phasers and digital delays, and Revox recording facilities for any artist who wants their performance recorded.


Scott Gorham, lead guitar: Gibson Les Paul De Luxe (Epiphone pick-ups), a Cry Baby Wah-Wah, a MXR Phase 90 Phaser, a Marshall 100 watt Lead amp, and a Fender Dual Showman cabinet with Gauss 15" drivers.

Brian Robertson, lead guitar: Gibson Les Paul De Luxe (Epiphone pick-ups), Colorsound Wah-Wah, Compact Phase A Phaser, Marshall 100 watt Lead amp, and a Fender Dual Showman cabinet with 15" Gauss speakers.

Phil Lynott, bass: A Rickenbacker 4001 Stereo bass with split pick-ups — treble going through a Cry Baby Wah-Wah, a Maestro Brass Master, a Hi Watt 100 bass amp, and a Hi Watt 4" x 12" cabinet; the bass pick-up goes through an Acoustic 270 top and a 301 bass cabinet.

Brian Downey, drums: two 26" Gretsch bass drums, two 16" x 16" Gretsch tom-toms, two 13" x 9" Gretsch drums, one wooden shell Ludwig snare, a Rogers Dynasonic snare, a Rogers Hi-Hat, Rogers cymbal stands, Premier snare stand and bass pedal, 20" and 17" Zildjian cymbals, a 9" Paiste Splash cymbal, a 14" Paiste cymbal, and an 18" Super Zyn cymbal.


Nik Turner: Selmer Sax

Paul Rudolph, bass: Fender Precision, Acoustic 261 amp.

Dave Brock, lead: Fender Jaguar; a Dick Knight custom built Les Paul copy.

Simon King, drums: Hayman double drum kit, including 10 Paiste cymbals, two 10" floor tom-toms, a 26" bass drum, a 1 3" and a 12" top tom-tom, a 14" Hayman wood snare, a 14" Ludwig metal snare drum, a 13" and a 14" timbali.

Alan Powell, drums: a Ludwig single kit, 22" bass drum, a 13" x 9" tom-tom, a 16" x 16" tom-tom, a 14" Hayman snare, a Hayman Hi-Hat, a 20" Paiste cymbal, 15" and 18" Hi-Hats, an 18" Super Zyn cymbal. Natal Congas

Simon House, synthesiser: a Mellotron, Mini-Korg, a Synthi 'A' AKS Synthesiser, an RMI Piano.

Amplification includes: four Phase Linear 400 amps, two Phase Linear 700 amps, four Quad 303 amps, six HH 100 watt amps, one Vox AC30.


Jon Anderson: Martin Acoustic 12 string; Gibson ES 140 fullbodied.

Steve Howe, guitar: Gibson ES179D acoustic; 1953 Telecaster; 1955 Telecaster; Gibson 345 stereo; a DAN electro Sitar-Guitar; a Gibson Les Paul Junior; a Gibson twin neck; a Gretsch 12 string; a Martin acoustic 0068.

Chris Squire, bass: a Rickenbacker 4-string; a Fender Jazz Master; Gibson Thunderbird; Ripper 4-string; an EBI 4-string violin-bass; Melody Maker bass; Guild fretless.

Patrick Moraz, keyboards: Hammond C3 Organ; Fender-Rhodes 73 and 88 pianos; two String Thing synthesisers; a Mini-Moog; a D C cabinet; two Mellotrons; ARP Pro Soloist; two Rhythm Ace Drum Machines; two Binson Echos; Alpine horn; an Electronic Slinky.

Alan White, drums: Ludwig kit, including 22" x 14" bass; two 13" x 9" tom-toms; three timbalis: 14" x 6", 13" x 6", 13" x 5": two 16" x 16" tom-toms; four Dresden timpanis — 23", 26", 29", and 33"; Tubular bells; Symphonic gongs — 14", 20", 22", 26", and 32": Octopulse drums; two cymbal trees; three Ludwig snares — 14"x 5"; 14"x 6", and 14" x 5"; a Gretsch snare, 14" x 5"; assorted cymbals: 4" — 24"; three Thunder sheets; a Bell Lyra; cowbells; a box of assorted percussion.


Cosmo, lead guitarist: 2 modified 100 watt Marshall amps, two Electrosound 4" x 12" cabinets at 120 watts per speaker, a Maestro phasing unit and an original Gibson Les Paul Sunburst guitar;

Keith Boyce, drums: an original, custom built Ludwig wooden shell drum kit (built U.S.) with Evans clear heads, Paiste 2002 cymbals, a 28" bass drum, 8" snare, two top toms, two floor toms, 2 tympanis, a Hi Hat, seven cymbals and specially made heavy built military drum sticks, and an Eventide phasing machine;

Ronnie Hatfield-Thomas: Fender precision bass, 2 Acoustic 370 tops, 2 Electrosound 4" x 12" cabs with Gauss drivers, 2 Electrosound 2" x 15" cabs with Gauss drivers;

Rocky Sinclair, Keyboards: RMI piano, Hammond C3 Organ, Mini-Moog, Hohner Clarinet, a String Master, the Organ uses two American built 300 Watt Leslie speakers, the rest use two doctored 100 Watt Marshall amps, 3 Electrosound 4"x 12" cabs with Gauss drivers, three 370 Acoustic tops; Vocalists will be using SM 58s for mikes, and a Revox ADT tape machine.

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International Musician & Recording World - Copyright: Cover Publications Ltd, Northern & Shell Ltd.


International Musician - Aug 1975

Donated & scanned by: Mike Gorman




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