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First in a series of articles about people using PAIA equipment


Using Synthesizer as an educational tool in teaching the relationship of waveforms to sound has become more prevalent in recent years with its usage extending from primary grade levels to University music lab applications.

Brian Wechtenhiser is a Music and Electrical Engineering student at the University of Pittsburgh in Johnstown, PA. One of Brian's recent projects was to deliver lecture demonstrations on electronic music principles to the students at Johnstown's Richland Junior High School.

As a demonstration instrument, Brian used his PAIA 2720/R Synthesizer. With the help of an oscilloscope he showed how the processing elements of the synthesizer produced and altered waveshapes and how these changes effected the final sound. Illustration voices ranged from conventional musical instruments to chain saws. Sounds most requested by the students, however, were those from popular recordings.

Brian's musical involvement began with percussion instruments when he was in elementary school. "I play the drums" he says, "but I'm really into synthesizers a lot more, and appreciate PAIA's price, innovation and willingness to listen to the public." His current musical interests include Emerson, Lake and Palmer (for both Emerson's synthesis and Palmer's drumming) and Isao Tomito and his Pictures at an Exhibition album. Upon completion of his degree, Brian hopes to realize a career utilizing both his musical and electronics training.

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Let us hear how you are using PAIA equipment. Send us as many details of the application as possible and include Black & White glossy photo's for publication.

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