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Synthesiser Buyers Guide

Buying a keyboard synthesiser these days is a bewildering business. Since the humble Minimoog entered the market just over ten years ago. we've had all manner of new devices pushed under our fingers - the synths on offer now cover multivarious musical applications and the choice is more difficult than it ever has been.

To guide you and your wallet through this ever-increasing wonderland of hardware, E&MM now presents the first of a continuing series of Buyers Guides. What we've done is to bring together all the current prices of keyboard synthesisers on the market in the U.K. at present. The listed prices are INCLUSIVE OF VAT and were correct at press time as recommended retail figures. We suggest that you check with the distributor listed for current bargains.

We've had to keep the instrument descriptions necessarily brief, but felt it better to have some information beyond the normal 'product-number-and-price' approach of most lists. Again, you'll get fuller information from the distributor listed - remember to mention E&MM when you write or phone.

int = internal; mono = monophonic; nt = note; oct = octave; osc = oscillator; poly = polyphonic; prog = programmable.

All prices include VAT at the current rate.


Casio Electronics Ltd, (Contact Details).
VL-1 39.95
MT-31 Preset, 8nt poly 79.00
MT-40 Preset, 8nt poly 125.00
CT-101 4oct, 25 presets, 8nt poly 255.00
CT-202 Preset, 8nt poly 325.00
CT-403 4oct, 25 presets, rhythm, 8nt poly 325.00
CT-701 5 oct, 20 presets, rhythm, 'reading', prog, 8nt poly 555.00


Electronic Dream Plant (Oxford) Ltd, (Contact Details).
Wasp 2oct, 2 osc mono 199.00
Spider Sequencer 199.00
Caterpillar Poly controller 149.00
Gnat 1 osc, mono 125.00


Elka-Orla (U.K.) Ltd, (Contact Details).
Soloist 4 oct, 1 osc mono, 11 presets 407.00


Electronic Music Studios, (Contact Details).
Synthi A 1,360.45
Synthi AKS 30nt, 3 osc 1,667.50
Synthi KS Sequencer 307.05
Synthi DK2 Keyboard, 3oct 541.65
Synthi VCS3 Mk II Synth only, 3 osc 1,458.20
Synthi E Synth/ribbon/int keyboard 641.70
Synthi DKE Keyboard for E 232.30
Vocoder 1000 934.95
Vocoder 2000 1,033.85
Vocoder 5000 8,238.35
Polysynthi 4oct, 'fully polyphonic' 2,402.35
Synthi 100 POA
Computer Synthi POA
Sequencer 256 POA
Universal Sequencer POA


Syco Systems Ltd, (Contact Details).
CMI Including music composition language 20,125.00


Rose-Morris & Co Ltd, (Contact Details).
MS10 2½oct, 1 osc, patchable, mono 289.00
MS20 3oct, 2 osc, patchable, mono 467.00
MS50 Synth only, 1 osc, patchable 295.00
M500SP 2½oct, 30 presets 320.00
Sigma 3oct, 19 presets 699.00
Lambda 4oct, preset poly 1,199.00
Delta 4oct, poly 775.00
Trident 5oct, 8-voice, 3 presets, 17 memories 2,310.00
SQ10 Sequencer 299.00
VC 10 Vocoder 399.00


Maplin Electronic Supplies Ltd, (Contact Details).
5600S 4/5oct, 4 osc, stereo, patch panel, kit 599,95
3800 4oct, 2 osc, mono, kit 336.75
E&MM Spectrum 4oct, 2 osc, stereo, kit 199.93


(Contact Details).
Rogue 2 osc, mono 315.00
Prodigy 3½oct, 2 osc, mono 381.00
Taurus Bass pedal synth 811.00
Liberation 3½oct, 2osc, 'worn' synth 893.00
Source 3oct, 2osc, prog mono 910.00


U.K. Enquiries: Keyboard Hire Ltd, (Contact Details). Prices fluctuate daily, but include VAT and Duty. Shipping costs are not included.
SynclavierII 8-voice, 32K memory, 5in floppy disk drive 8,774.67
16-voice, as above 11,842.11
32-voice, 40K memory, as above 15,000.00
ADM3A Alpha-numeric terminal (needs 40K memory) 756.58
VT100/640 Graphic display terminal (needs 56K memory) 2,631.58
Decwriter Alpha-numeric printer (needs 40K memory) 1,250.00
Script/MAX/XPL Needs 40K memory, two disk drives 631.58
5in Floppy Disk Drive (additional) 631.58


U.K. enquiries: Argent's Keyboards, (Contact Details).
OBXa 8-voice 3,770.00
OBXa 6-voice 3,470.00


Powertran Electronics, (Contact Details).
Transcendent 2000 3oct, 1 osc, mono, kit 189.75
Transcendent DPX 5oct, poly, kit 339.25
Transcendent Polysynth 4oct, expandable, poly, kit (basic) 316.25


CBS/Arbiter Ltd, (Contact Details).
Chroma 5oct, 16-voice poly, 50 user prog presets, 100 voice programs from cassette tape interface, dynamic keyboard POA
EK-10 73nt, poly Rhodes piano plus mixeable synth section 1,709.41


Roland U.K. Ltd, (Contact Details).
SH09 2½Oct, 1 osc, mono 375.00
SH2 3oct, 2 osc, mono 549.00
Saturn Synth/piano/organ 499.00
ProMars 3oct, 2 osc, 10 presets, 8 memories, mono 999.00
Vocoder VP330 1,299.00
Jupiter JP4 4oct, 4-voice, 10 presets, 8 memories 1,599.00
Jupiter JP8 5oct, 8-voice, 64 memories 3,999.00
CSQ100 Sequencer 395.00
CSQ600 Sequencer 599.00
Modular System 700 POA
Modular System 100M POA


Minns Music Ltd, (Contact Details).
Mono 3oct, 1 osc, 10 preset, mono 249.00
Cruise 4oct, 10 preset mono, 4 preset group poly 599.00


Argent's Keyboards, (Contact Details).
Pro-One 3oct, 2 osc, mono 475.00
Prophet-5 5oct, 5-voice, 40 memories 2,710.00
Prophet-10 Two 5oct manuals, 5 voices each, 32 memories each 5,600.00
Poly Sequencer 790.00
Remote 790.00


John Hornby Skewes & Co Ltd, (Contact Details).
S60F 2½Oct, 1 osc, mono 320.00
S110F 3oct, 2 osc, mono 640.00
S100P 3oct, 32 presets 640.00
SX400 4oct, 4-voice, 8 presets, 8 memories 1,690.00


Yamaha Musical Instruments, (Contact Details).
CS5 3oct, 1 osc, mono 299.00
CS10 3oct, 1 osc, mono 355.00
CS15 3oct, 2 osc, mono 475.00
CS15D 3oct, 29 presets, 1 prog 595.00
CS20M 3oct, 2 osc, prog memory 979.00
CS40M 3Vk>Ct, 4 osc, prog memory 1,399.00
CS70M 5oct, 4-voice, prog memory 3,479.00
GS1 FM synthesiser, 88nt, 4 sets equation generators 9,979.00
GS2 FM synthesiser, 73nt, 2 sets equation generators 4,775.00

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