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Vesta Fire SF-010 Dual Flanger/Chorus

The dual flanger/chorus is a dual channel analogue effects unit having two separate delay circuits based on the common MN3007 bucket brigade device. It is capable of producing a range of flanging, chorus, ADT and even reverberation treatments.

The unit comes in the standard 19" x 1U high rack mounting format. The black and grey patterned front panel houses the following identical set of controls for both channels: Feedback, which controls the amount of delayed signal that is returned to the input; Width, which determines the amount of flanging and Delay Time whose range is variable between 1.2 and 17mS. This control determines the number of and spacing between notches in the comb filter that is produced by mixing the time delayed signal with the original, causing signal cancellation effects. Time delay modulation speed for each channel is controlled by one common Rate function: thus the flanging sweep or vibrato rate for example, is identical on each channel.

To the left of these controls is a small three position switch which selects either Delay, Mix or Dry signals for each individual channel. When Delay or Mix are selected a red LED lights to indicate that the effect is in circuit.

Input level selection for High (+16dB) or Low level (+6dB) signals is possible using the front panel switches, as is High or Low level Output (+8dB or -2dB). A similar switch selects either Stereo or Mono output modes enabling a stereo output to be obtained from a mono input such as guitar or synthesiser, or vice versa, using the rear panel ¼" jack sockets provided for each channel. When in Mono mode either input or output socket may be used for increased connection versatility. Remote footswitching for effect on/off is also possible for each channel using rear panel connectors.

The rate control has a useful range enabling slow 'yawning' flange with a 15 second or so sweep, vibrato and realistic Leslie-type effects to be produced. Setting Delay Time and Feedback on maximum with Width near zero gives the usual hard metallic reverb sound. A useful feature is a Rate control LED which pulses at the modulation clock speed.

The stereo applications of the SF-010 are somewhat limited by having a single modulation oscillator Rate control common to both channels. Separate controls would have allowed independent speeds to be set. However, some interesting stereo treatments are possible. Stereo chorus is especially good, producing a rich and clear imitation of a 12-string guitar from a standard guitar input. Varying the Delay Time control settings from channel to channel enables a mono signal to appear as if it were being automatically panned across the stereo image. When in Mono mode, a single input can be fed through both channels which dramatically improves all settings, greatly enhancing the depth and richness of the effect.

The 80dB signal to noise ratio and 15kHz delay signal bandwidth help produce a crisp and noise-free output. No modulation sweep noise could be heard when no signal was present which is good. Internally, the circuitry resembles that of the Boss/Amdek flanger and chorus units, being fairly well constructed.

The unit produces some very usable effects, none of which, however, are dramatically different to comparable flanger/chorus devices. The asking price for the SF-010 is quite high, for the effects it produces even though it is of a generally higher quality than available pedal mounted units.

The SF-010 retails at £238 inc. VAT. For more details contact MTR, (Contact Details).

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Electronics & Music Maker - Jun 1983

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