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Walk Away René

Visual Reports & Views

Hipgnosis collection is no walking antique: gosh I spin Magritte-like-are you hip enough to gnosis? (anag).


Walk Away René, The Work Of Hipgnosis
Paper Tiger/Dragon's World, 160pp, £4.75 pb.

Hipgnosis must be the best-known, and arguably the best, album cover artists in Britain. This book, divided up into alphabetically-arranged categories, underlines their brilliance and imagination. It was impossible to write anything particularly constructive, so we passed the book round the office and let the pictures speak for themselves, with just a brief word from us. Many thanks to Storm and the lads for the use of their illustrations.

Top left is part of a portfolio, produced in collaboration with George Hardie, for internal circulation at Thames TV, as backup for a projected 13-part Beatles documentary. This pic, made by masking out certain colours in the printing process, relates to seeing the Light, and discovering a mystical Path.


The Uno cover, for Motors Records, Paris, depicts an encounter between Past and Future; a Visitor in an incredible (montaged) cloak becomes a new Long Man of Wilmington, contrasting with the distant, original Chalk Giant.


The Strawbs Deadlines cover, for Arista, comes from the Water section, and is simply stunning, while the famous Peter Gabriel first album (Charisma), bottom right, from the same section, completes our choice with a skilful bit of hand-colouring.


What more can we say than: Go out and buy it!

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Sound International - Copyright: Link House Publications


Sound International - Oct 1978

Donated & scanned by: Mike Gorman

Review by Richard Elen

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