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Dave Stewart - Busy Doing Nothing?

Interview | Sound On Sound, May 1986

Renowned best for his keyboard/synth excursions in the jazz-rock field, Dave and partner Barbara Gaskin achieved several chart hits with re-workings of classic pop songs like 'It's My Party' back in 1982. Together they are presently completing their first album for release on compact disc. David Etheridge took a look behind the scenes.

This artist was mentioned in these interviews

RamOne, Two, Three, Four

Interview | One Two Testing, May 1985

Gabba Gabba meets MIDI MIDI

Stewart's Enquiry

Interview | International Musician, Aug 1985

A reversion to Rock 'n' Roll, an expanded guitar collection, a strange miking technique, another production job and he still finds time to go through Be Yourself Tonight sound by sound with Tony Horkins

Touch Sensitivity

Interview | One Two Testing, Feb 1984

Dave Stewart gives the technology the human touch.

Steve Hillage

Interview | International Musician, Nov 1975

The Rhythm Section

Interview | Sound International, Nov 1978
Bassist John Greaves & Drummer Pip Pyle

Is the National Health coughing up blood? Tony Bacon gets to grips with the current state of the queues and cures. Music for liver salts. The Greaves-Pyle team of whitecoats gives a semi-exclusive interview to a private patient.

Terry Hall - Big In Vegas

Interview | Music Technology, Dec 1992

It's a knockout with Stewart/Hall

A Heart To Heart With Feargal Sharkey

Interview | International Musician, Feb 1986

The cousin of Kevin tells Richard Walmsley of his life as a lone tone

One Man's Dream

Interview | International Musician, Apr 1985

The Jones boy finally agrees to talk to us. Tony Horkins plays the diplomatic attaché

Tom on Technology

Interview | Home & Studio Recording, Jul 1986
From PCMs to PZMs

Tom's home studio is sure to be the envy of most of our readers but it's there for a sound, practical reason.

Steve Hillage

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, Jun 1983

A journey through the musical world of this well respected guitarist

Jethro Tull's Peter Vetesse

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, Sep 1983
Computer Musician in Rock

Curve dare!

Interview | The Mix, Jul 1994

The Beloved

Interview | Sound On Sound, Mar 1993

The Producers

Interview | International Musician, Oct 1986

Chas de Whalley, Paul Stavely O'Duffy, and the Get Down Mixdown Factor.

Dave Stewart

Interview | One Two Testing, Feb 1985

Eurythmics, Eurhonor

Interview | One Two Testing, Aug 1985

Dave Stewart in a room of his own

Scoring in sound

Interview Audio | The Mix, Feb 1995

Film and library music composer Mark Thomas is currently recording several albums worth of orchestral library music. We catch up with him at Battery Studios...

Chris and Cosey - Record Talkback

Interview | Electronic Soundmaker, Jun 1984

Eurythmics - Eurythmically Speaking

Interview | Electronic Soundmaker, Sep 1985
Dave Stewart

Eurythmics’s main man rips the lid off

Martin Rex - The Mechanic

Interview | Music Technology, Jul 1990

In engineering and production - as in musicianship - flexibility and adaptability are precious qualities. Martin Rex has covered artists as varied as Neneh Cherry, Fela Kuti and Michael Nyman - Ollie Crooke listens.

Tom Robinson - Robinson Studio

Interview | Making Music, Jun 1986

Uncle Tom gives studio advice, from a Portastudio to a great big 24-track.

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Dave Stewart - Ostenders

Feature | Topic: Video / Film / Picture | Making Music, Aug 1986

Dave Stewart - Skill Centre: Dave Stewart

Feature | Topic: Tuition / Technique | Making Music, Sep 1986
Dave Stewart Does "The Locomotion"

How to do "The Locomotion" in eight million keyboard chords.

Dave Stewart - State Of Independence

Feature | Topic: Home Studio, Music Business, Recording | Sound On Sound, Nov 1993
Dave Stewart On Going It Alone In The Music Biz

The major record company route is not the only one to musical success. Dave Stewart has successfully avoided the majors and still manages to make a good living from his home-produced music. Here, he charts his musical history.



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