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Adrian Belew - Tango Zebra

Interview | Music Technology, Mar 1987

What have David Bowie, Laurie Anderson, King Crimson, Frank Zappa and Jean-Michel Jarre got in common? They've all employed the services of Adrian Belew, one of the world's most inventive guitarists, and a man with a passion for creating new sound textures.

Adrian Belew - Strat Conversations

Interview | One Two Testing, Mar 1984

One Two listens to Stratists Jeff Beck, Adrian Belew and Richard Thompson. Plus a Hendrix compilation.

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Steve Bolton - Yew-Dee-Doo

Interview | One Two Testing, Nov 1983
Paul Young's Royal Family

Guitarist Steve Bolton and bass player Pino Palladino explain the importance of being a Swedish Chef.

Laurie Anderson

Interview | Sound On Sound, Feb 1991

Laurie Anderson, pioneer and populariser of avant-garde electronic music, and arguably the performance artist, recently brought her 'Empty Places' show to the UK. Interview by Mark J. Prendergast.

Jean-Michel Jarre - Zoo 2000

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, Feb 1985

Take one of the most influential electronic composers of the current generation, a Fairlight, an entire library of vocal recordings from all over the world, and a few more-than-talented guest musicians, and you have the recipe for Zoolook, Jean-Michel Jarre's latest album. Here he talks about its creation.

Robert Fripp

Interview | Sound On Sound, Mar 1988
A man continually in search of magic moments in the perfect quality of music.

He's played guitar with the best - David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, David Sylvian, Talking Heads, Brian Eno and, of course, King Crimson - and he's also worked away from the public eye, pursuing truths other than the rock and roll life. Mark Prendergast discovers that Robert Fripp's insights are of interest to more than just guitarists.


Interview | Music Technology, Oct 1993

In our exclusive interview, the great domed one himself waxes ambient on remixing, jazz, Sinatra, computers, the Eventide H-3000 and his own original definition of a new, environmentally sound music

Behind Visage

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, Aug 1984
An interview with Rusty Egan

Dan Goldstein tracks down another drummer-turned-musical technofreak, Rusty Egan, and finds out about the past, present, and the future of the electro-dance band he helped found, Visage.


Interview | One Two Testing, Sep 1984

little Andy Taylor on big guitar sounds

The Rhythm Section

Interview | Sound International, Sep 1978
Bowie's Dennis Davis and George Murray

Dennis Davis and George Murray chat to Ralph Denyer on their rhythmic station in the Bowie band.

Inside Frippertronics

Interview | Sound On Sound, Dec 1993
Robert Fripp Lays Bare His Legendary Effects Rack

A rare interview with this virtuoso King Crimson guitarist and much admired 'guest soloist'.

Jean-Michel Jarre - The French Connection

Interview | Electronic Soundmaker, Mar 1985

Jean Michel Jarre explains his current views on music, synthesisers and synthesis in an in-depth interview.

Jerry Harrison - Head Boy & Casual God

Interview | Music Technology, Mar 1988

Talking Heads keyboard player Jerry Harrison talks to Nicholas Rowland about a forthcoming Heads LP and a solo project he calls The Casual Gods.

Kajagoogoo - Kaja Who's-Who

Interview Audio | One Two Testing, Nov 1983

Is there life after Limahl? Yup. The four shy boys take turns to explain how they do it, and what they do it on.

Laurie Anderson - Brave New Science

Interview | Music Technology, Jul 1987

Six years have passed since New York's best-known performance artist leapt to fame with 'O, Superman'. Tim Goodyer finds she's still stretching technology to its limits in her new film 'Home of the Brave'.

Bigger Science

Interview | International Musician, Aug 1986

Multi-media artist Laurie has come a long way since O Superman. But has the heart gone out of her Art? Mark Dery and Tony Reed find out

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The Best Guitar Breaks In The World

Feature | One Two Testing, May 1984

Nominated by Adrian Belew, Bill Nelson, Roddy Frame, Ted Nugent, Robert Smith, Dierdre Cartwright

Home Is The Hero

Feature | Topic: Gear Guide, Home Studio, Recording | One Two Testing, Jan 1985
Six stars outline their home demo set-ups

sketching song ideas at home. how certain successful stars record their demos - John Entwistle, Nik Kershaw, Annabel Lamb, Adrian Belew, Blancmange

Duran Duran - 4 On 6's - Andy Taylor

Feature | One Two Testing, Dec 1982

King Crimson - Concert Reviews

Music Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Nov 1982

Reports on recent appearances by two widely revered names in electro-music, Klaus Schulze and King Crimson.

Mass Appeal

Editorial | Music Technology, Mar 1987

In the light of the winter's music shows at Anaheim and Frankfurt, is modern technology now becoming available to every musician, and does every musician want to know?

The Sampler & The Soul

Feature | Topic: Sampling | Music Technology, Nov 1990

With its ability to manipulate sounds and music, the digital sampler has probably caused more arguments than any other musical instrument to date. Peter Ridsdale takes an alternative view.

Books 1983

Review | One Two Testing, Dec 1983

Shop now for Christmas.

Strat Operation

Feature | One Two Testing, Mar 1984

By Dave Gregory, XTC.

Fender 'Pop' Squiers

Review | One Two Testing, Mar 1984



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