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Interview | Sound On Sound, Oct 1991
Feel Every Beat

Are Electronic, mutant offspring of New Order, The Smiths and the Pet Shop Boys, the first electro-supergroup? Does it matter? Mark J. Prendergast ignores the hype, sidesteps trivial speculation, and talks technical to Bernard Sumner.

This artist was mentioned in these other (non-interview) articles:-

Studio Courses

Feature | Topic: Education | Home & Studio Recording, Jul 1984
A Guide to Recording, Electronic Music and Popular Music Courses in Britain

The first ever published guide to all Recording, Electronic Music and Music Courses available in Britain today.

New Electronic & Instrumental Music In The Late 1980s

Feature | Sound On Sound, Apr 1989
An overview

Mark Prendergast presents a general overview of record labels, artists, and recordings that make up the exciting area of new electronic and experimental music in the late 1980s.

The Development of Electronic Music - Part 1

Feature | Topic: Composing / Art | Electronic Soundmaker, Jul 1984

Says it all really


Feature | Topic: Buyer's Guide | Electronics & Music Maker, May 1986
Electronic Percussion Buyer's Guide

If you can hit it or make it sound as if you have, you'll find it listed in E&MM's exclusive rundown of what's available in the world of drum machines and electronic kits.

A special magazine for the hobbyist!

Editorial | Electronics & Music Maker, Mar 1981

Studio Scan

Feature | Topic: Recording Studios | Electronic Soundmaker, Sep 1985

Exclusive guide to recording electronic music

Robert Moog - Lecture Report

Feature | Topic: Education | Electronics & Music Maker, Nov 1982
A Young Person's Guide To Electronic Music

The father of the voltage controlled synthesiser lectures in London, and E&MM reports.

Ars Electronica

Show Report | Electronics & Music Maker, Dec 1982

A big Austrian event that focuses on electronic music.

The Outer Limits

Show Report | Electronics & Music Maker, Feb 1985

Exclusive reviews of two avant garde music festivals that saw technology pushed to its creative limits, Ars Electronica at Linz and the International Computer Music Conference at IRCAM, Paris.

Heart Of Gold

Feature | Topic: Education | Electronic Soundmaker, Jan 1984

Computer music at Goldsmith's College

Five Days in Frankfurt

Show Report | One Two Testing, Apr 1984

Reports from the musical instrument exhibition plus interviews with five of the world's top designers, researchers and experts.

A History of Electronic Music - Part 9

Feature | Electronics & Music Maker, Jun 1983
Karlheinz Stockhausen

London College of Furniture

Feature | Topic: Education | Sound On Sound, May 1989
Technology & Education

Are you looking for an engineering career in the audio industry? Perhaps a musical technology course at the London College of Furniture might set you on the right path. Course tutor Tim Orr explains why...

Making the Most of...

Feature | Topic: Recording | Home & Studio Recording, Sep 1985
Drum Machines and Electronic Percussion

Martin Sheehan looks at recording drum machines and electronic percussion

What's New

News | Home & Studio Recording, Jun 1985
at the APRS Show

A quick roundup of who's exhibiting what at this year's APRS show.

History of Electronic Music - Part 8

Feature | Electronics & Music Maker, Nov 1982
European electronic music including Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk and Giorgio Moroder.

The European Scene

We Can't Go On... - Part 7

Feature | Topic: Drum Programming | Music Technology, Oct 1987
...Beating Like This

...Beating Like This forever, and so Matt Isaacson's examination of "drum bugs" (and other nasties) and their applications for triggering electronic drum brains brings this series to a close.

Electric Pianos

Feature | Sound International, Aug 1978

A subjective look (what else?) at some of the electric and electronic pianos currently on the market, by Dave Crombie.

Live Wires

Feature | Topic: Live, Performing | Electronic Soundmaker, Aug 1985
Playing Live

Electronic music live - a special focus

A History of Electronic Music - Part 3

Feature | Topic: Composing / Art | Electronics & Music Maker, Feb 1982

The Search For Expression

Feature | Topic: Design, Development & Manufacture | Sound On Sound, Sep 1987
A History of Wind Synthesizers

Could the wind of change be upon us? MIDI has already given guitarists and drummers the means to control electronic sounds, and the launch of the Akai and Yamaha wind controllers now allows woodwind and brass players to join in. John L. Walters takes a general look at the historical development of wind synthesizers, and the Akai and Yamaha products in particular.

Studio Focus

Feature | Topic: Computing, Education, Recording Studios | Electronics & Music Maker, Dec 1983
Durham University Electronic Music Studio

Higher Education

Feature | Topic: Education | Electronics & Music Maker, Feb 1985
Newcastle CAT School of Music

A personal view of the School of Music at the Newcastle College of Arts and Technology, by one of its students, Paul Evans.

Book Reviews

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Jul 1981



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