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Switzerland - A Room Of My Own: Switzerland

Interview | Sound On Sound, Mar 1993
This artist was mentioned in these interviews

Yello - Yello - The Colour of Art

Interview | Music Technology, Jan 1989

Dieter Meier is a writer, painter, performance artist and an ex-professional gambler; he's also the face and voice in front of one of the most influential bands of the '80s. Tim Goodyer joins the Swiss race.

Race Against Time

Interview | Phaze 1, Feb 1989

swiss rock 'n' roll - or pop with a precision movement

Patrick Moraz

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, Nov 1982

The first of our articles with this principal multikeyboard player gives you his background as a solo performer as well as his work with Yes and The Moody Blues.


Interview | Sound On Sound, Feb 1989

Paul Ireson converses with 50% of Switzerland’s most exciting export since milk chocolate - Dieter Meier of Yello.

Michael Karoli on Guitar Improvisation

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, Mar 1983

We interview the legendary improvising guitarist from German rock band Can

Mark Dearnley

Interview | Home & Studio Recording, Oct 1985

Janet Angus and Mark Dearnley discuss various facets of the recording industry including his production work with AC/DC.

Video In The Dark

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, Apr 1986

After over a decade at the forefront of instrumental music, Mike Oldfield is branching out into video and film. Annabel Scott visits the man's new audiovisual studio, and pops a few pertinent questions.

Shades of Yello

Interview | International Musician, Oct 1986

Back to nature with Boris Blank. Tony Reed listens intently to technical talk about dripping water, talking drums and mountain ranges.

John McLaughlin

Interview | Sound On Sound, Jul 1988

Over the last three decades John McLaughlin has done more than anybody else in popular jazz and rock music to explore the potential of the guitar, both acoustic and electric. Here he talks to Mark Prendergast about his eclectic career, pioneering use of guitar synthesizers, and the Synclavier.

Difficult Customers

Interview | One Two Testing, Oct 1986

McPopsters strike back

Seaside Shuffler

Interview | One Two Testing, Oct 1986

Songs from the North

Stranger than fiction

Interview Audio | The Mix, Aug 1994

At the controls with one of Britain’s freshest guitar bands

Patrick Moraz

Interview | Home & Studio Recording, Dec 1985

Having been involved with a bewildering number of projects in the past, Patrick Moraz and Graham Edge, keyboardist and drummer with The Moody Blues talk about their current work.

The Rhythm Section

Interview | Sound International, Sep 1978
Bowie's Dennis Davis and George Murray

Dennis Davis and George Murray chat to Ralph Denyer on their rhythmic station in the Bowie band.

Art Of The State

Interview | Sound On Sound, Oct 1992

Instrumental music doesn't sell, the UK dance scene is totally bereft of life, and dance bands never produce decent albums. Wrong, wrong, wrong — and 808 State are back with proof. Nigel Humberstone talked to Manchester's finest during the recording of Gorgeous, their third album.

Rob's Revenge

Interview | International Musician, Oct 1986

The urbane Mr Palmer talks to Hank Bordowitz about crossing over from cult status to general acceptance.

John Acock, Producer & Engineer

Interview | Home & Studio Recording, Mar 1986

John started his career as a tape op and worked his way up. He is now a respected engineer and producer as well as being a great supporter of ambisonic recording.

The Boy Keeps Swinging

Interview | International Musician, Jan 1985

A little Tonight music from the thin white one, his band, his producer, Uncle Tom Ziggy and all

The Producers

Interview | International Musician, Jan 1985

Chas de Whalley records the thoughts of David Bowie's young, gifted and black producer, Derek Bramble

Basscut - Soul of the Machine

Interview | Music Technology, Jun 1991

Neatly sidestepping the monotonous beats and cliched melodies that typify too many dance acts, this Swiss-American collaboration are making refreshing music. Simon Trask and Heinrich Zwahlen share a technical obsession.

Chris Huggett - The Mono Man

Interview | Electronic Soundmaker, Aug/Sep 1984

Chris Huggett, the man behind OSCar speaks

David Richards

Interview | Sound On Sound, Aug 1989
Royal Engineer

Mark Jenkins meets David Richards, the sound engineer behind Queen's latest album 'The Miracle'.

Duran Duran - John Jones & Duran Duran

Interview | Recording Musician, Apr 1993
Recording 'Ordinary World'

The big names have more in common with home recording than you might think — most of this album was recorded in the guitarist's lounge!

Gary Numan - The Odd Couple

Interview | Electronic Soundmaker, Mar 1985

The meeting of two diverse talents and minds; Gary Numan and Bill Sharpe of Shakatak. We discover what they've been getting up to and where it will lead.



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