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Tangerine Dream - Dream State

Music Technology, Jan 1991

After inspiring a generation of experimental musicians to explore synthetic soundscapes, Tangerine Dream found new relevance in 1990's ambient house movement. Simon Trask enters the Dream state.

Tangerine Dream - New Gold Dream

Electronics & Music Maker, May 1986

The world's best-known electronic music band have reached a crossroads, with a line-up change, a lengthy concert tour and an uncertain recording future. Annabel Scott talks to them.

Tangerine Dream - The New Tangerine Dream

Electronics & Music Maker, Jan 1982
An interview with Edgar Froese and Christoph Franke during their recent UK tour

An interview with Edgar Froese and Christoph Franke, concert report and music pull-out "Choronzon" from the 'Exit' LP.

Tangerine Dream - In The Dreamhouse

Electronic Soundmaker, Jan 1985

An ES&CM exclusive... At home with top synth pioneers Tangerine Dream, in their own recording studio - a three page special.

This artist was mentioned in these interviews:-

Chris Franke - Chris Franke on Sequencers

Electronics & Music Maker, Mar 1983

Tangerine Dream's rhythm man describes his sequencer set-up

Ian Boddy - Ian Boddy: Phoenix

Sound On Sound, Dec 1986

The story of how one of this country's lesser-known synthesists took the bold step of forming his own record label to independently release his fourth album 'Phoenix'. Paul Gilby documents the process.

Hans Joachim Roedelius - Keyboard Music

Sound On Sound, Mar 1990

One of the pioneers of the German electronic music scene, Hans Joachim Roedelius's use of electronic keyboards to treat sound, create atmospheres, and provide sonic backdrops has evolved through collaborations with the likes of Conny Plank, Peter Baumann and Brian Eno. Mark J. Prendergast discovers more about the man and his music.

Klaus Schulze - Klaus Schulze

Electronics & Music Maker, Mar 1982

This famous German synthesist and ex-member of Tangerine Dream now has his own record company and our interview tells about his unique approach to music.

Mark Shreeve - Quest For Fire

Electronic Soundmaker, Aug 1985

Mark's quantum leap

Steve Jolliffe - Record Talkback

Electronic Soundmaker, Jan 1984

Steve Jolliffe — bodily contact

Klaus Schulze

Sound On Sound, Aug 1987

The legendary German synthesist speaks out about technology and technique in this exclusive interview - his first in four years!

The Grid - Grid Patterns

Music Technology, Nov 1992
Floyd, Eno, Gabriel... Grid?

New Grid on the block

Kraftwerk - Arts & Krafts

Music Technology, Dec 1992

Ralf Hutter: This year's model

Philip Glass - Glassworks

Electronic Soundmaker, Mar 1984

Minimalist extraordinaire

Richard Pinhas

Electronics & Music Maker, Sep 1982
The Man and his Music

We feature one of France's most fascinating Electro-Musicians, and look at the man, his music and the philosophy behind his composition.

Steve Jolliffe - Turning Japanese

Electronic Soundmaker, Sep 1985

Ex-Tangs member reveals why he’s going Japanese

Steve Reich - Documenting Reality

Music Technology, Jan 1989

Contemporary American composer Steve Reich talks about train journeys, music video theatre, and the ethics and aesthetics of sampling. Simon Trask goes along for the ride.

Beloved - Dearly Beloved

Music Technology, Mar 1993

Jon and Helena Marsh in their natural habitat

Bob Williams - The Collector

Topic: Vintage Instruments | Music Technology, May 1993

Bob Williams has one of the finest collections of analogue synthesisers in the world, and cherishes them with a care that would make the Science Museum blush. Peter Forrest crosses hill and dale to Cornwall to take a long, loving look, and uncovers a whole network of Moog and Mellotron devotees. Whatever next - 'The Antique Rhodes Show'?

Bomb the Bass - Beats Working

Music Technology, Jul 1991

Pioneer of the sampling revolution, Tim Simenon, is back with a new album, a new studio and a refreshing update on what technology has to offer music. Tim Goodyer charts Unknown Territory.

Bruce Gilbert - Totally Wired

Electronic Soundmaker, Jan 1985

A chat with art-punk godfather Bruce Gilbert, a founder member of left-field collaboration Wire. The man reveals a low-tech approach to hi-tech gear... and a few trade secrets.

Cassandra Complex - The Cassandra Complex

Micro Music, Dec 1989

Steve Cogan finds out just what Satan and Bugs Bunny have to do with this Cyberpunk band who swear by their ST

Chakk - Electronic Skiffle

Electronic Soundmaker, Apr 1985

That's what up-and coming electro musicians Chakk claim to produce. But would Lonnie Donegan like it?

Depeche Mode

Electronics & Music Maker, May 1982

In contrast with the main feature we take a look at one of today’s modern commercial, electro-music bands.

Hans Zimmer - Ronny's Electro-Music Cabaret

Electronics & Music Maker, Jul 1982

European singer Ronny makes her U.K. concert debut with Warren Cann and Hans Zimmer and the trio talk about their musical adventures.



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