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Bill Bruford - Showing the Flag

Electronic Soundmaker, Aug 1985
Bruford & Moraz

Dissecting an unusual fusion

Bill Bruford - Strike That Chord

Music Technology, Jun 1987

He was once the driving force behind Genesis, Yes and King Crimson, but now this brilliant percussionist has turned his attention to jazz - and new technology. Tim Goodyer talks to him.

Bill Bruford - Bruford In Crimson

Music UK, Sep 1982

U.K.'s top drummer on skins v. synths

Bob Henrit

International Musician, Aug 1975

Ace Argent drummer — hopefully to be contributing to IM in the future - talks about his approach to drumming.

Carl Palmer

International Musician, Jul 1975

Discusses his transition from rock drummer to all round percussionist

Ginger Baker

International Musician, Dec 1975

Thoughts from the cream of Britain's drummers.

Hans Zimmer - Ronny's Electro-Music Cabaret

Electronics & Music Maker, Jul 1982

European singer Ronny makes her U.K. concert debut with Warren Cann and Hans Zimmer and the trio talk about their musical adventures.

Keith LeBlanc - Drummers' Delight

Music Technology, Nov 1987

A little-known American drummer who played on such classic recordings as 'Rappers' Delight' and 'The Message' talks to Dan Goldstein about "stretching" technology.

Michael Shrieve - The State Of The Beat

Music Technology, Sep 1988

From providing the backbone of Santana's Latin beat, Michael Shrieve has moved into electronic percussion and out again. John Diliberto listens to the drummer's tale.

Peter Erskine - Steps In Time

Music Technology, May 1988

From Weather Report drummer to hi-tech enthusiast and Mac fanatic. Bob O'Donnell talks to a drummer who's discovered technology and used his rhythmic knowledge to get the best from his programming.

Richard Burgess - New Horizons

Music Technology, Nov 1986

He was once electronic drummer with jazz-rockers Landscape. Now he's a successful producer for the likes of Spandau Ballet and Colonel Abrams, but the search for new ways of using new gear goes on.

Richard Burgess - Burgeoning Burgess

Electronic Soundmaker, May 1985

Producer, performer, catalyst. Richard Burgess has been a musical traveller most of his life - we finally catch up with him.

Roland Kerridge - Pushing The Beat

Music Technology, Dec 1990

Once he prayed to the beat behind Re-flex, he's since become versed in high technology and worked with artists as diverse as Kate Bush and Mory Kante. Ollie Crooke talks to a rhythm programmer extraordinaire.

Simon Limbrick - Man Drumming

Music Technology, Jun 1988

Man Jumping sticksman Simon Limbrick talks about tuned percussion, sampled percussion and technology on the stage. Nicholas Rowland tunes in to the rhythm of technology.

Simon Phillips

Music UK, Dec 1982

Drums & more — guaranteed no puns about electrical goods!

Simon Phillips - Paradoddle

One Two Testing, Feb 1984

Words and pictures for better drumming.

Stewart Copeland - Logical Progression

Music Technology, Jul 1989

Ex-Police drummer and self-styled 'tech-head' Stewart Copeland discusses the merits of owning four Fairlight CMIs, why he's in a group called Animal Logic, and how to write an opera. Logical questions: Nicholas Rowland.

Stewart Copeland

Home & Studio Recording, Dec 1983

Drummer with The Police chats about his approach to recording, at home and in the studio.



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