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Carl Thompson

Interview | Sound International, Jun 1979
Guitar Maker

Colin Hodgkinson visits the Brooklyn guitar maker who numbers Stanley Clarke's piccolo bass among his artefacts.

Chris Huggett - The Mono Man

Interview | Electronic Soundmaker, Aug/Sep 1984

Chris Huggett, the man behind OSCar speaks

Chris Martin - Martin the Magnificent!

Interview | In Tune, Jun 1986
C.F. Martin Interview, Profile

Dave Simmons - Tech Talk

Interview | Topic: Design, Development & Manufacture | Electronics & Music Maker, Jun 1985

Dave Simmons, the man behind the name on the hexagonal pad, holds forth on the past, present and future of electronic percussion. Paul White listens.

Dave Smith - The Prophet And The Rising Sun - Part 1

Interview Series | Music Technology, Nov 1990

Designer of the revolutionary Prophet 5, prime mover behind MIDI and now one of Korg's chief designers, Dave Smith's career is unique in hi-tech music. Simon Trask conducts the exclusive MT interview.

Dave Smith - The Prophet And The Rising Sun - Part 2

Interview Series | Music Technology, Dec 1990

In the second part of this exclusive MT interview, the man behind the Prophet 5 and MIDI discusses MIDI, user interfaces and programming. Simon Trask listens in on the thoughts of Korg's R&D.

David Griesinger - Illusions of Space

Interview | Recording Musician, Aug 1992
The Man Behind The Lexicon Sound

David Griesinger pioneered the research behind the Lexicon digital reverb sound. He discusses his ideas with Paul White.

Emmett Chapman - Stick To This

Interview | Topic: Design, Development & Manufacture | Music Technology, Aug 1987
Tech Talk

The inventor of the curious Electric Stick recently left his native America to promote the latest MIDI-equipped version of his brainchild. Tim Goodyer caught him Stick-in-hand for a talk about his invention and his vision of its future.

Geoff Gale - Guitar Maker

Interview | Sound International, Nov 1978

I'm gonna make you a guitar... Geoff Gale lives up to the promise. Tony Bacon pinches the blueprints.

Keith Barr - The Alesis File

Interview | Home & Studio Recording, Sep 1986

Keith Barr, the driving force behind Alesis isn't renowned for his willingness to talk to the press so we are pleased to be able to bring you this exclusive interview.

Ken Freeman

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, Oct 1982

We look at how electronics, synths and a PET computer have influenced this versatile British composer.

Les Paul

Interview | International Musician, Nov 1975

Father of the electric guitar, inventor of multitrack recording, Les talks about his life and his work.

Les Paul - Blow your head

Interview | The Mix, Dec 1994

Inventing the multi-track recorder

Ray Dolby - Inside Views: Ray Dolby

Interview | Sound On Sound, Jul 1987
The world's best known engineer

Ray Dolby's name appears on almost every recording device imaginable, yet few people outside the industry know much about this most famous engineer. In a rare interview he talks to David Mellor and explains the evolution of Dolby noise reduction.

Robert Moog - The Moog Source

Interview | Electronic Soundmaker, Jun 1985

The father of modern synthesis talks exclusively to us about the new generation of sound creating instruments.

Robert Moog - Emerson/Moog

Interview | International Musician, Jun 1975

Robert Moog - Tech Talk

Interview | Electronics & Music Maker, May 1985

Robert Moog, the man who set the synth ball rolling in the first place, on the receiving end of questions from German journalist Henning Lohner.

Steven Randall - Steppin' Out

Interview | Music Technology, Mar 1987
TechTalk: Steven Randall

The man behind the Stepp DG1 guitar talks about his invention, the playing techniques required for it, and his views on what MIDI offers the guitarist, in conversation with Neville Marten.



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